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How does Textured Hair Transplant Work? Methods and Benefits

Textured hair transplant -How does Textured Hair Transplant Work? Methods and Benefits

Hair restoration procedures available at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, hair transplant surgery has proved to be the best procedure. The reason why many often prefer undergoing the textured hair transplant procedure is that it offers a more permanent solution that looks natural all the time. Our surgeon has undergone the best training in hair restoration procedures that allows him to produce the best results all the time, even in textured hair.
Textured hair, unlike other types of hair, is not easy to transplant. However, with the best-textured hair transplant surgeon in the industry, you will achieve the best possible results. Today, we are going to transfer with you the advanced hair restoration technique for restoring textured hair.

What is a textured hair transplant? 

Textured hair refers to the hair strands produced by African American or Afro Caribbean people. Although this type of hair transplant poses a challenge in harvesting and restoring hair, our best hair restoration surgeon, Dr. John Kahen, always rises to the occasion. It is possible for all kinds of persons to undergo a textured hair transplant surgery, even those who have curly hair. For any hair transplant procedure to work, the hair in the donor area, which is usually found at the back of the head, needs to be healthy. The recipient site also needs to be healthy enough to take the implanted hair follicles. 

What is the difference between textured and other hair types? 

The difference between Afro Caribbean hair and Caucasian hair is the curling of Afro-textured hair. Although many people often have curly hair, African American hair is the curliest. The curls often range from tightly curled to loosely curled hair. Its natural appearance is what makes it dry most of the time. To prevent dryness, textured hair requires water and sebum – oil produced by the scalp. Sebum and water have to travel to the hair shaft to perform their work. The path followed by these substances is often tangled due to curly hair. Combs and hairbrushes used to comb curly hair are different from those used to comb Asian or Caucasian hair. To keep it well oiled, textured hair requires oils such as coconut oil and should not be washed all the time. 

Challenges in Afro-textured hair transplant? 

Performing a hair transplant procedure in African American hair is quite possible for both male and female patients. However, there are several challenges that often present themselves during the procedure. Due to these hair transplant challenges, only a few hair restoration clinics offer textured smart textured hair transplants. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic in Los Angeles is one of them. 

The curly nature of textured hair makes follicular units and the hair they contain larger than Asian or Caucasian follicular units. The roots of the hair are also curled up beneath the scalp, making them different from other types. This makes the harvesting process more complicated because of its shape. Trauma to the scalp and damage to the hair follicles is bound to happen, especially if the surgeon doesn’t have the expertise to harvest curled hair. The diameter of the punch device needs to be slightly larger to accommodate the oval-shaped hair strands of Afro-textured hair. If the punch device is not big enough, it may end up damaging the follicular tire units. The technique used to harvest hair is known as the FUE or follicular unit extraction hair transplant procedure. This procedure is minimally invasive. 


The textured hair transplant procedure is undoubtedly the most effective hair restoration procedure because it not only offers a more natural look all the time but also provides permanent hair loss. Transplanting textured hair is rather complex compared to other types of hair because of its shape and curly nature. However, when the textured hair transplant procedure is used by a professional surgeon, the end result is desirable. 

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