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How Faulty Roofing Can Threaten Your Finances

The roof is certainly among the important components of any building. However, when roof damage occurs, some homeowners may try to keep costs low by implementing quick and inexpensive repairs. While cheap repairs can help you save money, getting quality roofing isn’t something you’ll get cheaply. Since roof installations and repairs can be complicated, it’s better to get it right the first time by working with a qualified roofing company to prevent faulty roofing. Below are a few reasons you should avoid cheap roofing services. 

Faulty Roofs 

Without proper research, many homeowners fall victims to unlicensed contractors, scammers, or storm chasers who will only leave them with shoddy workmanship. Faulty roofing can cause both immediate and long-term financial distress. 

First, faulty roofing can cause leakages. If not addressed in time, a leaking roof can be costly in the following ways:  

  • It can cause structural damage to the foundation of your home. This can cost you lots of bucks putting you into financial distress. 
  • A leaking roof can damage ceilings and attics, which are costly to repair. 
  • A leaking roof can inevitably lead to mold and mildew growth. This can put the health of your family member at risk of developing allergies, asthma, and other respiratory diseases. 
  • Faulty roofing can lead to fire hazards which can deeply affect your finances. Take, for example, the damage that can be caused if leaking water drops on live electrical wire in the attic. 
  • The presence of moisture from faulty roofs can cause sagging or breaking of drywall. 

Insulation Complications 

Besides the damage caused by leakages, faulty roofing can also affect roofing insulation. Beyond the shingles of your roof, there is a system that acts as an insulator. A fully functional roof prevents heat from escaping your house during cold weather. It also transfers excess heat during hot summers. However, with faulty roofing, heating and cooling functionalities will certainly be compromised. The resultant effect is high energy bills, which can put a financial strain on the homeowner, depending on the severity of the weather. 

Spotty Warranties 

The other area in which faulty roofing can impact your finances is the warranties. Generally, new roofs do come with two types of warranties. One is from the contractor’s workmanship, and the other is given by the roof manufacturer. If you hire an unqualified roofing contractor who provides faulty roofing installation, then the manufacturer won’t approve your warranty. In that case, if your roof gets damaged before its lifetime, you’ll have to dig into your pocket for a replacement. 

A faulty roof can be dangerous for living. While some homeowners take time to realize such defects, it is advisable that you get in touch with a qualified roofing company for professional repair/replacement.

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