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How much does a COVID deep cleaning service cost in Sydney?

Covid cleaning cost

Wondering if covid deep cleaning cost will escalate your budget?

One question that everyone is wondering about today is ‘how much does covid cleaning cost?’. The pandemic has sure shifted the way we perceive hygiene, health, and cleanliness forever. We are no longer worried about the time spent on cleaning but are rather concerned if the cleaning is justified without giving any room for germs or contagious viruses to thrive on our premises. And this brings us to the concern here on how much will covid deep cleaning service cost.

It is natural that with demand the market rates escalate and you don’t want to be at the loose end paying huge amounts for something that you can rather avail yourself at better rates. This right here is why we have summed up the insider insights of the market prices in Sydney.

The basis of covid deep cleaning service costs

The cleaning rates for disinfection services in Sydney depend on a lot of factors and here is a gist of a few of them

  • Hourly basis rates
  • Area coverage
  • Add-on services including regular cleaning and deep cleaning routines
  • Number of cleaners sent
  • The intensity of cleaning and disinfection required
  • Ceiling heights, type of flooring, and surfaces
  • Type of equipment and nature of supplies used
  • Frequency from the last time cleaned

Covid cleaning services generally cost between $.70 and $2 per square foot covered. A 1000 sq. ft. space would thus typically cost around $500 to $1500 depending on the intensity of cleaning and disinfection services required.

When it comes to hourly rates, commercial cleaning companies usually charge between $80 and $100 depending on the work involved. The general moppingvacuuming, and brooming routines might cost you just about $20 an hour but since covid cleaning involves a lot of new-age equipment and costly supplies you’d be charged just a little higher. A single cleaner might be able to cover a region of 400 to 600 Sq. ft. in an hour depending on the intensity of deep cleaning and disinfection that is required.

How to choose your disinfection cleaning professional?

While cost is one of the major factors that give you the final push on your decision, it should not be the only one. Here are some of the considerations that you should pay close attention to before getting ahead.

Brand portfolio

If you are going for office cleaning in Sydney, it is a must that you check the brand’s profile before you get started. This would give you a comprehensive picture of what you are signing up for and give you a fair understanding. Their marketing standings, client retention rates, reviews, and their expertise.

The number of years they have been in the industry also determines their efficiency. This is because this would have given them their fair share of going hands-on. With almost every type of covid cleaning service, there is. The covid deep cleaning service cost would also be reasonable with cleaning companies that have been there in this space for too long since the cost would be justified with the quality that they deliver.

Niche expertise

Covid cleaning services require a lot of industry knowledge. This is because the requirement is of sensitive nature and the areas in question are vulnerable. There are a lot of avenues for cross-contamination and hence 100% germ-free protection should be properly taken care of.

As the professionals acknowledge themselves with niche expertise like commercial carpet cleaning or window cleaning routines, they’d be better capable of performing office cleaning in Sydney to the mark like no one else. Disinfection cleaning services will first require that the deep cleaning considerations are met.

Procedures followed

In addition, covid cleaning would revolve around quite a few standard guidelines in place. Be it using supplies that are EPA approved or DfE compliant, or going ahead with procedures that are revolving around the authoritative guidelines from standard bodies like OSHA and CDC, a professional in place would do it the best way for you.

All these would be factored up in the covid deep cleaning service cost.

How can JBN Cleaning help you with your disinfection cleaning services?

Give you a comprehensive procedure:

When it comes to covid cleaning services, it is not just important that you do a disinfection procedure directly by spraying sanitization supplies but rather you’d have to clean the premises first, cast off the surface dust, and then take care of the particles underneath and this is something we’d do for you.

Add-on services

Any additional services that you have on the spot which involve niche expertise including carpet deep cleaning, high-rise window cleaning, or other services, we’d come prepared to take care of them all at ease without holding back for you.

Timely assistance and easy appointments

Be it post-work hours cleaning or same-day covid cleaning service booking, we’d take care of it for you at ease. You can book your appointment at ease at your convenience through our website just like that. All you have to do is shoot us all the questions that you have for us. And we’ll give you all the answers that you need before you onboard us.

In addition, at JBN Cleaning, we are now offering a free quote for all the businesses that enquire covid deep cleaning service costs with us after a thorough on-site inspection at your convenience.

Get in touch with us to know more!

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