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How To Build A NFT Community On Discord?

How To Build A NFT Community On Discord

Community building is one of the best ways to promote your NFT collection and market it to a large group of the target audience. You have to build a community of discord through effective NFT marketing strategies.

There are various platforms to build NFT communities, and some of the most popular platforms include discord, telegram, Slack, Twitter, and Youtube. You must be wondering why we are only discussing discord and not any other platform and what makes it ideal for building the NFT community. 

It is highly recommended that before you partner with an NFT community marketing agency, skim this blog to understand how you can build an NFT community on discord. 

Discord Server Setup:

The first and foremost thing you have to do while building your NFT community on discord is to create your server from scratch. You can take a few NFT community discord servers for reference and replicate a few categories as it will help you in building your discord server with ease. 

Some of the common categories you will have to create on discord include, let’s start, keep your welcome channel, verify channel, and a collab Land join feature where your NFT holders can verify their wallet. 

Secondly, you will have to create an information channel where you can have your roadmap, utilities, and all the necessary details associated with the project. Finally, you have to create two more categories, including a club category where you can discuss NFC-related projects and various other things related to your project. You have to also create a final category where you can mention your FAQ, support, and ticket channel. 

Discord bot integration:

You will have to integrate a lot of bots within your discord server to ensure that you can make it look organized, and you don’t have to scratch your head and spend your time completing the bare minimum tasks. For example, there is a bot called pingcord, which can drive your Twitter feeds into your discord server right from your Twitter account. 

Similarly, there is also a bot called mee6 which can host welcome messages and provide reaction roles to your target audience within your NFT community on discord. There are also various other bots on discord that can help you in making your server look organized and can drive value within your NFTs. 

You will have to also promote your NFT community on discord on other social media platforms to ensure that you can drive your target audience. For example, you can drive your audience within your NFT. 

You can hire an NFT community marketing Agency that can help you in promoting your NFT community and driving your target audience within your NFTs. 


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