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How to build a Uber for X Script (A Complete Guide)

uber clone app
uber clone app

In today’s world booking a ride has become extremely easy as an app on your phone can easily assist you with the same. With online bookings and a fixed rate for the ride, people are assured that their ride is seamlessly completed. Taxi booking companies like Uber and Ola have capitalized on this concept and ensured customers a safe and easy experience. But, there are many locations that still don’t have enough of these services, where your Uber clone can come into play. Stick to the end to know how to you can build an Uber clone with the most reliable Uber clone script app.

What makes Uber Superior?

Online taxi booking services have truly brought in a revolution. An app like Uber has made it extremely easy, both on the driver’s and rider’s end to ensure a journey is carried seamlessly. These cab services also improve accessibility as even remote areas can be driven to and driven from. Some of the benefits an online taxi service app like Uber provides the customers are:

  1. Easy Booking: Perhaps the biggest benefit an app like Uber or Ola provides the customers is easy booking. Though there are a few areas of improvement still needed here, an online booking system through a tap on the phone is much easier than stopping a taxi or car and convincing them to take the route you want. The app also provides an option to cancel the ride or stop it midway, which leaves the user with a better experience.
  2. Fixed Rates: Gone are the days when people have to bargain the rates of a ride. The online booking apps fix a rate for the ride based on the route, traffic, and other factors. All these factors chimed in feel like a fair price for the customer and the driver has no space for surging the price as they’d like to.
  3. Insurance of Safety: With the route being followed as per Google Maps, the rider is ensured of the fact that the route they are taking is the correct one. A rider can also share his or her location with a dependable person and they can follow their route to make sure they are safe.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, these apps have taken extra measures to see if the driver is vaccinated, what his or her temperature is, whether sanitation practices are in place, among others, to make the customer feel safe.

  1. Reliable Drivers: The app provides an option to rate your ride and driver (out of a certain number of stars) and these ratings are helpful for other customers. While booking, the phone number of the driver is also shared with the customers, so easy communication is assured.

What Features should an Uber Clone App have?

If you want to build the most reliable Uber clone script app, you need to include in your script certain features that are at par, if not better than Uber. Some points to keep in mind when building an Uber clone are:

  • The first step after opening an app is logging into it. There should be options for multi-mode registration so that users can log in through their mobile number or through social media accounts like Google, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Often customers book a ride when they are in a hurry or need an urgent ride. Hence, it is essential for your app to provide the location of the driver when a ride gets booked. The user should be able to see what route the driver is following to get to the user’s location and they should give an estimated time of arrivalof the driver.
  • Your app should give regular notificationsto the customer to let them know when the driver is coming, if the driver has arrived, what the code (OTP) of the ride is, when the ride has been ended, and if the payment has been confirmed, among others.
  • As mentioned above, customers look for safety features when traveling through taxis booked online. Hence an option for live trackingshould be available so the customers know what the route (as per Google Map instructions) is being taken.
  • Your script should estimate the fair of the ridewhile considering different factors like the length of the route being taken, the traffic present, the number of stops in the way, etc.
  • After a ride has been booked, the customer should get a choice in the payment options– whether they want to pay online through digital payment or pay in cash once the ride is completed.
  • There should be options for promotional codesso that customers can avail discounts on the rides. This will urge the customers to use your app again and again.
  • When a ride is booked, the mobile number of the driver should be provided along with a chat optionso that the customer can converse easily with the driver. Additionally, when the ride ends the customer and the driver should be given an option to rate the ride or each other.
  • Your clone app should be accessibleto all areas and especially in those areas where mainstream apps like Uber have not capitalized yet. People of some remote areas still stick to going through bikes or public transport rather than taxis.
  • If need be, there should be an option for cancelingthe ride from both ends. Sometimes the customer might want to go for another driver or route and sometimes the driver wouldn’t want to take on the ride.
  • A way to improve user experience is to provide an option forscheduling a ride. Also, some customers might not want to spend the fare estimated by the app. These customers can go for sharing a ride with others that are going somewhat along the same route in order to spend less.
  • With the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the most important needs for customers is their safety inside the cabs. The drivers should register their daily temperatures, their vaccination status, whether they have sanitized the cab, etc. into the application. Further, the cabs can be provided with a plastic sheet that separates the driver from the rider.
  • You cango the extra mile and capitalize on opportunities that are not so prevalent yet. In your clone app, you can add the option of choosing drivers based on their gender. For example, female customers would probably feel safer with women drivers. There can be an extra section dedicated specifically to choosing cars equipped with seats for children and for the handicapped.

Some of the most reliable Uber clone script app that can help you with building your online taxi booking app can be provided to you by companies like ‘Trioangle’ and ‘elluminati’.

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