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How to Buy Watercolour Paper Online?

There are several different types of watercolor paper on the market. Choosing the best type often comes down to personal preference. However, there are a few factors that you should consider when you Buy watercolour paper online. The quality of the paper is an important consideration. A high-quality paper will last for many years.


Fabriano watercolor paper is an excellent choice for painters of all styles and mediums. It has a high absorbency and resilience, making it ideal for watercolor, gouache, tempera, acrylic, and drawing and printmaking. Its decked edges make it an attractive option for framing.

Fabriano Artistico Watercolour Paper is mold-made from 100% cotton and is acid and chlorine-free. The paper is sized internally and externally to promote good absorption of colors. It comes in different weights and is suitable for all water media and drawing applications. Its traditional white color is ideal for watercolor and other water-based media.


When it comes to quality watercolor papers, few brands can match the superior quality of Arches watercolor paper. These high-quality sheets can be used for a variety of different media, including oils, pastels, watercolors, and gouache. They are available in flat packs, blocks, and pads. They come in three different surface textures, making them an excellent choice for a variety of artistic styles.

Arches Watercolour Paper is a professional-grade paper manufactured in the same French mill since 1492. It contains 100% cotton fibers that are resistant to tearing, linting, and scrubbing. Arches also use a natural gelatin sizing agent, which helps prevent tearing and helps preserve the transparency of your colors. The paper is also acid-free and contains an anti-microbial agent. You can choose between cold-press, hot-press, or rough-finish papers to suit your painting needs.


Yupo watercolor paper is considered erasable and can be cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol ink will stain the paper, but cleaning is simple with a small amount of solvent. Alcohol ink will also discolor the background, but this is not an issue for most art projects.

Alcohol inks have much different behavior on Yupo paper than on traditional papers, which are not porous like Yupo. However, they still make for beautiful detail work when used with a brush and steady hand.


The Epson watercolor paper range offers vivid colors and a matte surface. Its technology produces archival prints that are up to 80 years old. The paper is also affordable, costing about $1 per sheet and less than three dollars per print. Epson watercolor paper is designed for fine art reproductions.

Its textured matte surface feels like real cotton paper, and its high opacity and whiteness make it an excellent choice for fine art and creative endeavors. The paper is also quick to dry and smudge-free when printed. It is compatible with most large-format printers and is suitable for both amateur and professional artists.


Acid and lignin free, this 300-gsm, 23-millimeter watercolor paper is the perfect medium for the artist in you. It has a 95% brightness and double-sided printing. The resulting work will be vibrant. The smooth surface also dries quickly and easily, which makes it a great choice for enlargements and other complex media.

Inkpress watercolor rag digital fine art paper is made from 100% cotton rag. It is mold-made, acid-free, and archival. This paper has been tested for permanence by Wilhelm Imaging Research and can last for 100 years or more.

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