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How to Choose lightweight electric wheelchair for the Elderly

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If you are the caregiver for an elderly loved one, you may be considering purchasing them an lightweight electric wheelchair. It can be challenging to choose the model that best suits your needs with many distinct options available. We will help you how to choose the best lightweight electric wheelchair for your elderly loved one

1.Size of wheelchair

The wheelchair’s size comes first. The material quality depends on the diseases of the users, while the breadth and depth of the seat, the height of the backrest, and the height of the armrests are determined by the body shape of older patients.

2.Performance of wheelchair

(a) Wheel landing: When elderly users propel themselves forward to walk, other wheels must not be suspended. If they do, the direction may become erratic or abruptly turn, endangering the safety of the elderly.

(b) Attitude stability: Older people using the ramps independently cannot roll over on their backs, buckle their heads, or lean sideways.

(c) Performance on slopes: The wheelchair cannot roll over or slide down a hill while it ascends a slope while applying the brakes.

(d) Sliding offset: Unbalanced setup is referred to as a deviation. The elderly should understand how wheelchairs function.

3. Performance of other parts of the wheelchair

Pressure sores should be successfully avoided using the wheelchair cushion that is chosen. The leg support is ideal for dismounting or swinging to one side. The footrest’s height needs to be considered. When the foot is elevated, the hip flexion angle increases, adding weight to the ischial tuberosity, which is prone to pressure sores. Senior patients can choose a wheelchair with a low back if they have better trunk control and balance. This will give the patients more movement.

4. Core indicators:

The four main components of an electric wheelchair are the motor, battery, controller, and braking system. And they are the most crucial elements you need to think about.

A competent motor can perform better in several ways, including making it easier to climb inclines, starting the wheelchair steadily, having more buffer power, and making less noise.

Battery: The most popular design for an electric wheelchair is a ternary lithium battery. It is recyclable, strong, and lightweight.

Strong buffer power is an important characteristic of an effective controller. In other words, when users push the joystick, the wheelchair should start up or stop securely and gradually so that users don’t feel sudden.

Braking system -The most significant component of an electric wheelchair is the braking system. Intelligent electromagnetic brake systems with precise braking when the joystick is released are becoming increasingly common in electric wheelchairs.

5. The wheelchair trend that is currently emerging is multi-functionality.

Fordable – “Foldable” wheelchairs are currently a hot idea. When leaving the house, a foldable wheelchair is simple to take on a car or other public transportation. Additionally, it is considerably simpler to store a folded wheelchair than an unfolded one.

Detachable battery – Charging will be a problem if you select an electric wheelchair. You can charge devices more conveniently, especially outside, with the help of the detachable battery.

Wheelchairs are capable of performing 360-degree turns. A wheelchair with a small turning radius is more versatile and performs better in tight spaces.

Several wheelchairs have adjustable headrests, armrests, backrests, footrests, and other components. Some of them have adjustable backrests with multiple stages.

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