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How to Choose the Best E-Liquids for a First Try?

Vaping Device and Vape Smoking

Those who don’t want to get involved in the smoking wilderness can try vaping instead. It is one way to control the amount of tobacco going inside your body and still get the feeling of smoking a cigarette. Vaping is gaining popularity among the masses, especially the gen-next. It gives out the vibe of smoking, minus the harmful elements.

To make this experience even tastier, companies are coming out with the best e-liquids in different fruity and minty flavors. Adding these liquids will leave behind a taste that lingers in your mouth for a long time. So, after smoking, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

The market is full of e-liquids. So, the question is how to choose the best one among the bunch. Well, here is some information to make this task a lot easier. So, let’s catch up with those points now!

The different flavors of e-liquids:

You are probably aware of the flavors you prefer to those you don’t. Some might be more into fruity flavors like watermelons ad strawberries, and others prefer there refreshing feel of a mint. So, based on your preference, you can choose the e-liquids. Don’t always choose the flavors you like; try adding new flavors to your list. You might end up picking new flavors that you end up liking. You won’t know unless you give it a try!

Understanding the strength of e-liquids:

Now that you have chosen the flavors of suitable e-liquids, it is time to focus on the strength of the tobacco inside these liquids. It needs to be a correct measurement.

  • The advantage of e-liquids is that you control the amount of nicotine you want to ingest.
  • Smokers’ bodies get used to a certain amount of nicotine. Vapers can replicate that nicotine intake but in a relatively harmless manner.
  • For the lower-powered e-vaping devices under the “mouth to lung” category, 12mg will be an ideal place to start with. If you inhale more “direct to lung” vapers, then 6mg or 3mg will be a good choice. 
  • Once you start using the e-vapers, you will discover if the chosen amount is suitable for you or you need to boost it a bit more. If you prefer e-cigarettes more, try to increase the nicotine level instead of vaping more.
  • There is a difference between smoking and vaping. You naturally stop smoking when the cigarette is done. But with vaping, you need to intentionally stop smoking as e-cigarettes won’t end as a regular one.
  • Most people are mindful of when they need to stop vaping. Others will keep a count of the number of vapes before putting down the device.


The VG/PG count:

If there is more VG in the e-liquid, it will be thicker in its consistency. So, that helps in producing denser vapor. If you plan to try a higher VG level, you must choose a higher VG device. These higher VG devices will have dub-ohm oils and will be used in a “direct to lung” style. It will not just produce denser vapors but will let you enjoy a smooth experience. If you need one with a higher nicotine level, sticking to the 50% ratio is a good call.

Trying out the OXFORD Lost Gold Liquid:

If you are looking for a suitable liquid for your vaping device, then OXFORD Lost Gold Liquid is the one that you might want to try out. This liquid consists of vanilla cream, brandy, roasted hazelnut, brown sugar, and the RY4 flavors. You will get that delicious dessert taste once you have smoked your vaping device.

You can get these bottles from Salt Nix, and they are available in different sizes. It is great to buy these liquids in bulk, which helps you save your hard-earned money.

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