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How to choose the best photocopy machine?

The purpose of installing photocopiers or printers at your workplace is not only about getting printouts or standard copies these days. The printing technology has evolved to provide cost-effective printing solutions to the business. You can now print, copy, scan, and even fax with a multifunctional printer or copier. In addition to those basic functions, a multifunction photocopier Dubai offers advanced features like Wi-Fi connectivity, remote printing, and many more.

You will find an ample number of brands that offer photocopy machines equipped with all the modern facilities. It might seem a tedious job to sort through all the options available in the market. You should prioritise your need before opting for a specific photocopier. Whether you need security features or not, what type of media formats you are going to use the most, need of the fax features in the device, importance of the quality of printouts for your business, etc., are some factors you should always keep in mind while selecting your machine.

Here in this article, you will get to know about all the factors that you should consider before installing a photocopy machine for your business.

Factors To Be Considered Before Purchasing A Photocopier

The factors that you want to consider should always revolve around the final goal that you want to accomplish at a very nominal cost. Let’s quickly dig into the key aspects that you should take into consideration before purchasing a photocopy machine.

  • Colour vs. Monochrome Photocopy Machines

The cost of monochrome photocopiers is typically less than the coloured variant. Monochrome printing devices use only one black cartridge, whereas colour printers require four separate cartridges: black, yellow, cyan, and magenta. The supply cost of the cartridges will be higher if you have to purchase four cartridges at a time instead of one. However, installing a monochrome photocopier might be a cost-effective option for you, but you need to evaluate the impact of your branding on your customers.

There is no denial in the fact that colour images are more eye-catching than monochrome images. You should conduct research about the competitors in your business field and then decide what type of device you should settle for. Ricoh printer could be a good option if you are looking for a colour printer at a nominal investment.

  • Inkjet vs. Laser Printers

An inkjet printer is the best economical solution for businesses that do not require a high volume of printing jobs at a time. Also, if you are more concerned about the image quality and looking for a device that provides detail-oriented outputs, opting for inkjet printers is the best solution for your printing need. Marketing agencies, real-estate firms, and media companies are the industries that should install inkjet printers.

On the other hand, laser printers are suitable for businesses that require high-volume printing with minimal graphics. Furthermore, the printing speed of this type of photocopier is phenomenal. Even low-end laser printing machines can print up to 20 pages per minute. The outputs are also decent, with clear and crisp texts and fine lines. But, the size of laser printers is relatively big compared to inkjet printers. So, you should not consider this variant of a printing machine if you don’t have that much space to accommodate it.

  • Ink vs. Toner

Laser printers use toner as a printing medium, whereas inkjet printers use ink. While deciding between these two options, you should always calculate the amount of ink or toner you need during the operational lifespan of the multifunction printer. The volume of your printing job is the main deciding factor for choosing a specific photocopier Dubai machine. If you need to print in bulk daily, go for the laser printer. On the other hand, if you need quality outputs on a limited page, inkjet will be a suitable option for you.

However, it would help if you considered the supply of the toner and the ink in your vicinity to run an interrupted printing operation. If you are using any third-party ink provider, make sure it is compatible with your printing device.

  • Maintenance Cost Of The Device

It’s not about only purchasing the device. You need to conduct proper maintenance to keep the photocopier functional for a longer duration. Some of the brands offer products that require regular maintenance of the printing machine to get the best outputs. But, as a business owner, you need to opt for devices that provide decent outputs for a longer duration with a minimal maintenance cost. Ricoh printer could be a good choice for your printing needs as it requires very low maintenance to keep it functional.

  • Size Of The Paper

Every printing device has its own printing capacity. Most design firms require to print the blueprint of a design on a large sheet. On the other hand, media companies need to print short and crisp brochures for marketing purposes. Many brands offer multifunctional printers where you can print on different sizes, but the cost of those devices is relatively on the higher side. So, you should always evaluate the need for the printing job before opting for a particular printer.

  • Volume of Production

If your business demands professional-grade graphics high-volume printing with refined finishing, opting for the production printer will be the best choice for you. So, before selecting a particular type of printer, determine the amount of work you need to accomplish daily. Installing a good quality production printer needs a high investment. So before opting for one, you need to weigh your profits with the investments to make a good choice for your organisation.

Apart from these factors, you may also consider features like printing speed, wireless connectivity, paper capacity, encrypted security option when choosing a printer or copier. There are various brands available in the market offering a wide range of catalogues with various features. It is always recommended to evaluate your requirements and learn about various products and their features before making a decision.

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Here in this article, you will get to know about all the factors that you should consider before installing a photocopy machine for your business.

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