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How to Design a Vintage Logo?


Vintage logo design reflects the design trends of earlier times. They reflect the retro and classic styles with grunge or weathered appearance. Fewer colors are used to design these types of logos that are often dull and muted. They are mostly used as badges, seals, crests. Vintage designs are often a great choice for schools, organizations, and government agencies.

Vintage logos evoke the traditional and cultural feelings from their designs. It takes your audience to a certain era that is reflected by the logo and associates the emotions with that logo design. Which makes a vintage logo most versatile and memorable.


Vintage designs are timeless and are not affected by age and styles. Commonly, two-toned colors are used to design the vintage logo. Follow the below-discussed points to design a unique vintage logo design for your business:


  1. Focus on Color Scheme:

The selection of colors is the basis of any design. Select those colors which suit your logo and portray your brand perfectly. Colors have different meanings therefore, colors should be chosen while keeping the color psychology in mind. Colors should depict your brand in a way that attracts your audience and makes your logo unique and stand out from the competition.


  1. Select Reliable and Relevant Fonts:

In vintage logos, fonts and styles play an important role in designing the vintage logo. Fonts are the key part of the vintage logo, retro, and classic fonts are chosen to design the perfect vintage logo. It is preferred to design a font, especially for your logo design to make your logo unique and striking.


  1. Keep an Eye on Design Details:

While designing a logo, you should focus on the details of the design. Every element should be aligned to make a perfect combination with all shapes, fonts, and colors. It should convey the message you are trying to deliver to your audience. The classic and retro theme of your logo makes your brand speak itself. Design a logo that is timeless and attracts your modern audience.


  1. Follow the Trend:

As you are designing a logo for your modern audience, vintage logos can be effective if it’s designed perfectly according to the trends. Get inspiration from the logos that are already out there and look closely at your rival’s logo designs. Identify that how your competitors choose vintage logo design and how they implement classic and retro themes in their brands.

The vintage logo is a noble yet splendid equilibrium of design essentials and a classical theme. When the audience will look at your logo, the nostalgic feel of your logo will excite them and take them to the old times.



Vintage logos can be made in different styles that work best for your business. They are versatile and can work for any type of business. It can be a game-changer for your new business because the retro and classic theme makes them very unique and striking and these types of designs are not limited, they can work in almost every era.

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