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How to fix common mobile phone and Tablet issues?


Mobile phones run slow

On most mobile devices that are running slow, the first thing you can do is restart the device. You need to hold and do a long press on the power button until you see the restart logo and click it. Another way to check why your phone is running slow is to check if the phone has the latest android or IOS software update. You need to open your phone, go to settings, then tap the Software update.

Check also your phone storage. These might be one of the factors that affect your phone getting slow. What you can do is free up some space on your phone. Open your phone, click on settings, then click general and tap the data storage. Try to delete at least 2GB of data stored on your phones. From that, you may restart your phone and check its activity. 

Another cause of the phone running slow is too many open or running applications that reach the available ram data. Try to close or uninstall some applications that you don’t use. 

Lastly, you may check your data connection or wi-fi connection. You might have a poor signal for data connection and a spotty internet connection.

Mobile phones’ poor battery life

One cause of poor battery life is too many push notifications sent to your phone. Alerts and notifications that are not important continuously alert your phone, which may cause your phone battery to easily drain. There are too many applications that run location services, and some applications are running in the background.

Check your device charger, adapter, or cable wires. Those things may affect or damage the volt input stored in your battery’s poor battery life. It is still advisable or suggested to use the original manufactured by the phone company itself. Try to enable Power-Saving Mode. Some devices today have the Power-Saving Mode that takes care of your battery usage when enabled.

Check your phone if set to a high display setting or if the auto-brightness is ON. You have to reset and keep it manually at a lower level unless you need it higher. Also, try reducing the Sleep timeout to lessen the phone screen live/on for a very long time.

Mobile phones keep crashing

When your device gets hot, it might result in overheating. The device shuts down on its own to prevent damage. You know it’s heating up, or something starts to happen when you touch the back of your phone. You will feel its warm surface. Also, messages appear on your screen notifying you that your phone temperature is high. Some solution to prevent it from happening is to keep it out of direct sunlight. Try to close unused applications, avoid turning your screen brightness up, and don’t let your screen time always be on. 

If this problem appears on your Android or IOS device, you need to know where the problem is. Identify the installed application or software in your phone that causes crashing. You have to fix it right away to prevent repeated issues. If you encounter applications that stop responding or repeatedly close, you need to uninstall them and monitor if the problem comes back.

Check your phone’s cache data might be corrupt. The cache is the term that refers to bits of information from games, apps, or web browsing that are automatically stored in your phone. Sometimes you forget to delete your phone’s cache to overload and cause your phone to crash. This problem can be solved, by clearing your phone’s cache data.

Check your phone’s storage. If your phone has less than 10% of storage remaining. Consider uninstalling some apps or moving photos or videos to the cloud storage.

Apps Not Downloading

Users complain a lot about this issue that can be solved, with just a few steps similar to the ones explained in the fourth problem. These mainly happen due to a corrupted cache. It is pretty easy to solve. Just clean the application cache, and you can also clean the history of Google Play and Google Play Services. Then you may restart the mobile phone after cleaning the data and download the app you want. 

Wet Mobile phone

Do not panic when you drop your phone, and then it gets wet. The first thing you need to do is NOT turn On your device. It can cause more damage to your device. If the battery is removable, you may remove that and let it dry. Immediately go to the nearest repair shop and let them do the work for you. 

Tablet simple problems and their solution

The tablet screen did not respond

Most Tablet devices’ common issue is the screen not responding. First, you need to restart your tablet, wait until it gets back to the home screen, and check if the problem persists. If restarting your device did not fix the problem, try to free up some data on your ram and check if it is working.

Also, you may try to clear the application cache or use some third-party application to do the cleaning work for you. Try to swipe or close a running application that is not in use at the moment and check if it works. The last resort is to call a technician and let them check and fix your tablet.  

The tablet battery does not charge!

Just start from the power source if the socket is providing power. Try to check your charger cord if it is plugged in. Make sure to check if your charger adapter is working. Also, check your tablet charging port if not dirty or if something is blocking the way. Then, you may use another power cable or adapter that is right for your device to determine which is damaged, the device battery or the accessories.

My tablet does not do Landscape mode!

You need to confirm your device orientation is not lock-in. You have to turn off the rotation lock setting of your tablet. Also, you need to know that not every application on your tablet device is capable of orienting itself to a portrait or landscape. 

Application Issues

At times some of our applications that are installed are not working or it freezes. Sometimes applications give you a notification on the screen that isn’t working. 

If you encounter an error or notification that your application is not responding. Force shut down the application that you having issues with, or closed the application right away. This way it will refresh the application. Wait for a few seconds then open the application it should be running normally again. 

If the application still not working, you may try to search for new patch updates or releases. Try to update the application’s data and it should be working fine once done. 

Wi-fi or Internet connection problem

Your tablet was not able to connect to wi-fi or an internet connection. Go to your setting shortcut, just slide down and turn on the Airplane mode for a few seconds then turn it off. Try to connect again to your wi-fi connection it should be working fine. If it still not working you need to repeat the process a couple of times and check it again. 

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