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How to form a Society Registration in India?

society registration

A Society refers to an association – a body of individuals – that come together to create a business unit to either generate profit or  serve a unique purpose.

What is the purpose behind a co operative society registration?

  1. Promotion of arts and literature in India
  2. Providing political education to the masses
  3. Granting charitable assistance to the people
  4. Promoting science and literature among the students
  5. Maintenance of foundation of galleries
  6. Instructing Students on specific matters
  7. Maintaining museums housing philosophical, scientific and other kinds of discoveries.

Are these the only types of work that a society does? No. However, the way to incorporate a society remains the same. Thus, in this article, we are going to take a look at the procedure to register a society in India. Read More: Section 8 Company Registration

What are the steps of a co-operative society registration?

There are three aspects related to the registration of a society in India:

  • Eligibility criteria
  • Documentation
  • Process

Eligibility criteria for the society incorporation

  1. The purpose: The purpose of incorporating a society must be pure. And, you must only leverage the society for the purpose you have registered it for.
  2. PAN card of the society: Prior to incorporating an association of individuals, it is critical that you first give that society a legal identity of a tax-paying entity. In other words, your society needs a PAN card.
  3. The by-laws of the society: You must strictly adhere to the by-laws of the society when incorporating it in India. Without the by-laws, your society won’t have any legs to stand on.
  4. The society can only exist for five years: You have to incorporate your society with the full knowledge that it would only be valid for a span of 3 years.

Documents required for society registration in India

  1. PAN Card of the founders of the society
  2. Residential proof of all the founders of the society
  3. Society By-laws covering all the aspects of its governance
  4. Address proof of the society
  5. List of the members of the society
  6. Self-declaration signed by the president of the society
  7. Duly-filled society registration application form
  8. Receipt of society incorporation fees

Procedure of incorporating a society in India

  1. Furnishing all the specified documents for the society’s incorporation
  2. Filling out the application for society registration online
  3. Waiting while the state department assesses your application form
  4. Getting the society incorporation certificate

Process of society registration seems a bit easy – doesn’t it?

But it is not the case. There are intricacies in the registration process that will take an ample time if we end up discussing them here in this blog. What we can offer you instead is the assistance of Society registration consultants. Read More: Startup Registration

These consultants can help remove any issues with the registration process – ranging from application filing to department follow-up. These consultants will remove any obstacle that come your way during the time of application filing.


The procedures required for registration of a society in India can take on multiple aspects. However, to make this procedure palatable, you should consider the aid of Society Registration consultants. Are you wondering about the best process of society registration n India? Take a look at the steps we have specified below. Here, you will learn all you need to form a society. Read More: Contribution of Telecom Consultant to level up India’s Telecome

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