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How to Get Permanent Residence in Canada

Canada Student Visa Process
Canada Student Visa Process

If someone is interested in living in Canada, then it’s important to know how applicable you are. Based on your applicability, for a permanent residence visa, you can progress further in filling out the form for the PR visa application. So, the below article lets you know more about Canada’s permanent residency visa. After entering your information in our assessment form, our team corresponds with you after 24 hours based on your eligibility for Canada PR Visa.

Every year, over 130,000 international students choose to study at Canadian universities. In addition to a high-quality education system, Canada also provides numerous possibilities and a vibrant culture.

Research, scientific publications, and international collaborations are three of the main aspects that Canada and its academic institutions focus on.

But how difficult is it to get the student visa, also known as a Canadian study permit, for Canada? Figuring this out will play a crucial role when you decide where you want to study. So, what do you have to do to get your student visa for Canada, and how difficult is it?

Let’s discover together!

1. Apply at a Canadian university and get your acceptance letter

If you’re still not sure where you want to study in Canada, you will have to decide before you can start your student visa application process. After being accepted at a Canadian university, you’ll get an acceptance letter that will be required for the visa application.

Here are some Canadian universities we recommend:

University of Toronto
York University
University of Manitoba
Thompson Rivers University
University of Winnipeg

2. Check if you need to apply for a student visa in Canada

You can use the official Canadian study permit tool to find out if you need a study visa or permit. You don’t need a study visa if one of the following situations applies to you:

You are a family or staff member of a foreign representative in Canada, who is accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada.
You enrol in a study programme that lasts less than six months.
You are a member of foreign armed forces from the Visiting Forces Act.
You are a citizen of another country, but you have an Indian status registered in Canada.
Remember that the study permit/visa does not act as a regular visa, which allows you to enter or travel to Canada. For that, you will need a travel visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

3. Start your application for the Canadian student visa

As soon as you got the acceptance letter from the university, it is time to proceed to the next step: applying for a student visa, which is locally known as a study permit.

The first steps to obtaining your student visa:

Apply online for your Canadian student visa, on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website before you arrive in Canada.
Send the visa application documents by post if you have a limited internet connection or cannot submit the documents online.
Provide an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution (a university recognized by the Canadian government).
Deliver proof of sufficient financial resources to support your studies in Canada (tuition fees and living expenses).
Present proof confirming you have no criminal record.
Submit clinical records that state you are in good health; submit complete medical examinations if required.
According to recent visa regulations, if you have a family member working or applying for a work permit in Canada, the application for your study permit will be processed in two weeks. You may renew or extend your study permit if:

you wish to continue your studies
your programme has an extension
you change your university
The study permit expires 90 days after your studies are finished (after you receive a notification of the programme completion). You can still stay in Canada to travel and explore or you can apply for a work permit, which allows you to take a full time or part-time job, or even be self-employed.

Useful tip: check out if your home country is on the list of biometrics requests for the study permit application.

4. Prepare all the required documents for the student visa in Canada

Filled-in student permit application form
The original letter of acceptance from the university
A valid passport/travel document, which also allows you to return to your home country. If you live in the USA, this is not necessary.
Two recent passport-size photographs, with specifications of name and date of birth on the back
Proof of financial support during your study programme. This means proving you have between 10,000 and 11,000 CAD per year for living in the country.
A letter of intent
If you plan to study in Quebec, you will also need a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec, English and French translations of your document, a statement from the translator and a certified copy of the original documents
Proof that you paid the study permit fee (150 CAD)

5. Language requirements for studying in Canada

Proof of English language skills is not included on the list of required documents for a Canadian student visa. But unless you come from an English-speaking country, Canadian universities will require you to submit proof of English language proficiency. Accepted language tests include:

IELTS Academic
PTE Academic
C1 Advanced

When would it be advisable for me to apply for a Canada Student Visa?

Concentrating abroad requires fastidious intending, no doubt. Students are informed 100% of the time to design their affirmation/application process, remember college cutoff times, and work in reverse.
They expect that the student shows up for English qualification tests according to the college strategy and requires documents set up for the smooth handling of their application. Henceforth, students are informed 100% regarding the time to apply 3-4 months ahead of time to stay away from any last-minute rush.
Competitors looking for a monetary guide, grants, and training credits should add several additional months to the cycle as these applications take extra time.

What sort of visa do I want?

Canada Student Visa Classification Based on the duration of the Program

Contingent upon the length of residency of the program the candidate wants to embrace, the nation regularly partition the Canada Student Visa into Short Term Canada Student Visas or Long-term Canada Student Visas. Regularly, temporary visas are given to students who intend to take a short course of a language or a confirmation declaration course. They restrict the whole term to 90 days. Then again, long-haul visas give the students who intend to take up degree courses reaching out past the three months. These could incorporate entry-level positions and little testament projects of a half year, etc. European Union Countries regularly have this comprehensive characterization.

Canada Student Visa Classification Based on Type of Program/Student

Regardless of the span of the course, a few nations characterize Canada Student Visas premise the kind of student. This could be the degree of degree applied for (undergrad, graduate, or doctoral), international student, or student applying for a professional/confirmation course. As a general rule, these visas additionally rely upon the sort. The student who is applying for these has full data about the residency. Notwithstanding, in these classes, the primary place of differentiation isn’t how long the program would be. On the off chance that you are, for example, an international student; you could be going for quite some time or three years.

Documents Required for Canada Student Visa Application
Contingent upon their Immigration Laws, each nation has a particular rundown of documents. Notwithstanding, while the specific prerequisites are different regarding simple terms, the rundown is conventional. Nonetheless, there are two documents which you would require surely.

What is the cycle for applying for the visa?

The cycle for applying for a Canada Student Visa starts with your college offering you a letter of acknowledgment. Once they get the letter students accept their letter of acknowledgment. Then become free to start their Visa Application Process. Applicants can apply for their visa through two techniques:

Online Visa Application Process: the more helpful of the two, applicants can apply for their Canada Study Visa; through the online technique by just making a student profile. The structures are largely on the web and requirements the student fills them accurately.

Disconnected Visa Application Process: the disconnected visa interaction would expect to download the application structure; fill in the subtleties and submit it to the necessary specialists.

The following stage incorporates paying a Visa Application Fee. Each up-and-comer expects to pay a Canada Study Visa expense for his application interaction. The last cycle would incorporate the student presenting his application interaction alongside their supporting documents.

Necessities for Visa Extension

A visa permits you for a particular time frame. On the off chance that your review license terminates before fulfillment of your investigations (program). Then, at that point, you want to apply for the reestablishment of your review grant. You should preferably apply somewhere around 30 days before your present license lapses. Up-and-comers can present their applications through mail or on the web.

As the name recommends, Canada Student Visa is the visa that is given to candidates whose leading role of the visit to a foreign nation is for the quest for schooling. While getting admission to the college is critical, these authoritative documents disrupt the general flow of every one of your interests.
Each nation represents its own Immigration Laws. These could shift as far as the necessities of documents to the other confirmation of assets adequate to what every one of the visas would allow you to do, separated from examining in the country. Additionally, a few expansive shared traits are noticeable in all Canada Student Visa applications.

What is a Visa?

A visa is an authorized travel document. The visa, steps, or stuck onto the identification of the conveyor, permits him to enter an outside country lawfully. A visa can be of numerous kinds. In the first place, there is a tourist Visa for individuals seeking to visit a country for the travel industry. Then, there is a Canada Student Visa for students hoping to venture out to a far-off country to seek instruction, etc.

Canada Student Visa Process

The student visa application process for Canada begins with taking an admission offer from a Canadian university, you’ll need a study permit to study at a designated education institution in Canada and you need a student visa to study in Canada. Get your Canada student visa with Nile Migration guidance on the application process, documents, processing time, study, and work permit. Apply now with Nile Migration experts.

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