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How to get Verified on TikTok |Useful Tips

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Your brand must establish credibility wherever possible; on social media, this frequently entails verifying. A small blue checkmark appears next to your name after you have been confirmed, a characteristic shared by all social media sites.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve been managing the TikTok account for your company and are wondering how to acquire that tiny blue checkmark. For six tried-and-true methods of becoming verified on TikTok, read on.

What is verification on TikTok?

The TikTok verification method confirms identities and informs users that the accounts in question belong to the people who are listed as the owners. Essentially, it tells the platform that you or your brand is a recognizable, well-known name and that your account needs to be verified to prevent imitators from tricking followers.

There is no procedure for requesting verification. Like on other platforms, you cannot request clearance for your brand. Instead, TikTok examines all of its accounts to determine if any of them fulfil their criteria for verification and awards them with the blue check. It makes the verification procedure on TikTok less straightforward, but it will be even more impressive when it does happen!

What makes TikTok verification crucial?

How come authentication on TikTok is such a big deal? Here are some justifications for why TikTok verification is crucial for your brand.


Verification shows the authority of your brand. Consumers have begun identifying the blue checkmark with reputable and authoritative brands because it has become a social network standard for verified brands. Customers are likely to follow, engage with, listen to, and buy from your competitor’s verified brand if you are not.

Authenticity & Reliability:

Similarly, customers are instantly aware of the legitimacy of your brand when they see the blue check. Since verification is difficult to obtain (as you’ll see below), any brand that has it is automatically trustworthy.


Verification can also contribute to progress. It broadens the audience and promotes rapid account growth. Although it’s unconfirmed, there’s a claim that verified accounts take precedence on TikTok’s “For You” tab, which would suggest that your brand will be visible to even more users after it’s verified.


The credibility of your brand is crucial on TikTok, as we previously discussed. Your audience will know your brand is reliable if you provide a TikTok verification. Your audience might be unable to tell the difference between your brand’s account and any other TikTok account if your brand is not verified.

How to verify your account on TikTok

You now comprehend the significance of getting verified. Let’s move on to the procedures you can follow to verify your account so you can earn that coveted blue check mark.

Emphasize content production

The first thing you must do is continuously provide content. Develop a TikTok content plan and start regularly producing a tonne of material. Nobody gets certified on the first try; you have to earn it.

TikTok wants to see regular follower growth, which is another factor in why consistent content creation is so crucial. TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users, so although that seems steep, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. In fact, according to some sources, you need to add 500–2,000 new followers every day to be verified. Create daily TikToks and start observing which ones receive the most engagement. Your best option will probably be to produce similar videos, especially in light of the following statement.

Create a Viral Video

It helps to get famous on TikTok if you want to be verified. When a video becomes popular on TikTok, it appears on many users’ “For You” pages and receives hundreds of thousands of likes and views. By doing this, you help TikTok know that you’re producing unique content that fans like but also help your account develop.

Before becoming verified, most accounts typically experience at least one moment of virality. To boost your chances of making a viral video, concentrate on producing material that receives lots of likes and thinks about joining in on challenges and trending topics. There is no set formula for becoming popular online. Most of the time, it comes down to being fortunate or releasing the right stuff at the appropriate moment. You should soon have your viral video if you consistently produce high-quality material.

Get verification on other social media networks

TikTok frequently checks users’ other social media pages to determine whether they have previously been verified elsewhere to ensure that its verification procedure is innovative. Before moving on to TikTok, you should begin the authentication procedure on websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You have a considerably better probability of receiving that same status from TikTok if you’ve already received verification on any or all of your other platforms. So that you can establish your authority and authenticity across all of your accounts, click on the links above to access our tutorials on becoming verified on other social networking networks.

Obtain media coverage

TikTok also takes into account whether you have received media attention. A specific technique to inform the platform that your account merits verification is to have your TikTok account mentioned in an online magazine.

Even though you can occasionally submit some TikTok videos to be included in roundups, the bulk of media attention happens naturally. How do you gain media attention? All of this relates to our first piece of advice: concentrate on content production.

Make excellent material. Keep contributing to the platform. There will be media coverage, or you can buy tiktok followers.

Engage influencers

Consider working with influencers if you’re impatient and your TikTok account isn’t expanding as quickly as you’d intended. More users will see your brand. As a result, we are attracting new fans and improving engagement.

It is working with companies that TikTok influencers adore that is a terrific way to expand quickly and reach a larger audience.

Start by searching TikTok for influencers who seem to belong to your target audience’s demographic or share relevant material. For instance, a company that offers toys for children would look for influencers that frequently discuss motherhood.

After that, please list potential partners and start contacting them. To make it simple for sponsors to start a conversation about a sponsored video, many producers offer their email address (or the email of their PR representative). Together, you and the influencer may produce a film that will resonate with their viewers and help you expand your following and attract more clients.

Adhere to TikTok’s community rules.

Following the regulations is our final piece of advice. You’re less likely to get verification status if your movies are routinely removed for breaking community rules. Therefore, remember what kinds of things you can and cannot upload and follow those guidelines.


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