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How to Hire a Freelance Content Writer

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If you’re looking for a good content writer to help you with your business, there are several sites that you can hire one from. Some of these sites include LinkedIn, Freelancer, and Scripted. Scripted is especially helpful because it uses their proprietary SmartMatch Technology to match you with a content writer based on their expertise and personality. If you want to hire a freelancer, you can read this guide.


Every organization faces a critical challenge: how to create quality content at scale, and quickly. This is especially true of companies that are growing rapidly, entering new sectors, or introducing new services. Hiring a freelance content writer can help companies grow quickly, and ensure they have all the content they need to succeed. With the help of experienced writers like those at Scripted, companies can greatly increase the amount of content they are producing on a regular basis.

When hiring a freelance writer, be sure to research their experience and writing style. While there are many writing communities available, it’s imperative to check spelling and punctuation before hiring a writer. Poorly written content can undermine the authority of a business and detract from its reputation. Use an app like Grammarly to determine if a writer is worth their salt. You can also review their past work and portfolios to get an idea of their style and perspective.

When hiring a content writer, you should also look at previous employers’ feedback. This way, you can get a sense of how satisfied other people are with the work they have done for them. If necessary, you can contact the previous clients and request references. It’s a process that’s no different than hiring any other employee. The more thorough the content writer is, the more likely you’ll be satisfied with their work.


If you’re looking for a content writer, Scripted may be the perfect option. The writing company divides its writers into specialty areas based on their experience and interest. Scripted has many different types of content writers, and you can find one to suit your business’ needs. Here are a few things to consider before you hire a writer. You’ll need a background in the niche you’re writing for, and an excellent command of the English language.

First, Scripted pays its writers through Paypal. While many content mills offer a variety of payment methods, this one does not offer them. Writers must request payout, which is usually done within two or three days. However, you should take into account that your bank may require a few additional business days to process your payout. Scripted also promises a $50 one-time bonus to writers who submit high-quality content.

Scripted writers are highly-qualified, but there are a few drawbacks. Although they are highly-rated on other sites, the quality of their work will not be up to par with freelancers. The service also allows writers to be dropped abruptly and can leave the platform if bad reviews are posted or if they go on medical leave. A client should be aware of these potential risks before choosing a writer with Scripted.


Hiring a LinkedIn Content Writer can boost your presence on LinkedIn. These writers know how to optimize your profile for SEO purposes, adding keywords that will increase your visibility. They also use industry buzzwords in their writing to give your profile a polished look. Hiring a LinkedIn Content Writer will help you achieve your professional goals. If you need a LinkedIn Content Writer, here are a few tips to get you started.

First, consider what types of articles you want to post. LinkedIn is designed to keep users on the platform, so you’ll need to write articles that can attract them. This means using keywords that get your content noticed by your connections. You can also avoid keyword-stuffing by hiring a ghostwriter. You can trust that he or she will do a thorough job. This will make your content stand out among your competitors and make you appear as an expert LinkedIn user.

Second, think about the style you’d like to use. LinkedIn’s word processor isn’t as advanced as Microsoft Word and Google Docs, and it is difficult to share drafts among colleagues. Another problem with LinkedIn is that it doesn’t have a built-in spell checker, so make sure to use a tool like Grammarly. Lastly, avoid writing about products or services in sales copy, and keep it professional.


Get referrals from friends and family if possible. It’s always better to get a recommendation than to find out that your friend is working for another company and you’re unhappy with the content. Content writers work at a variety of locations and have flexible schedules. While there’s no hard and fast rule, you should be clear about payment and other terms of the contract. Make sure you get a copy of the contract and know which jurisdiction has jurisdiction over disputes.

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The quality of the content produced by a content writer will depend on several factors. A freelance writer who has experience in your niche will be able to produce quality articles that don’t need as much editing. When hiring a content writer, be sure to evaluate the sample articles submitted by the applicant. Use your content quality standards to evaluate the samples provided by the writer. If the articles they submit don’t meet your standards, don’t work with them.

A referral letter from a past employer or client is also an effective way to gain insight into the applicant’s experience. Write about the benefits the referral provided to the organization and how it helped the writer meet his/her goals. Highlight the positive aspects of the writer and how they apply to the role you’re offering. After all, the prospect of employment is enough to spur you into action. And you’ll get an immediate referral if the person is a former client.


Content writers have different ways of displaying their work. They can create a blog to show off their personality and showcase other writing samples. Some writers also use a blog as a place to publish original content. These blogs are more informal than the formal writing samples, and often feature a unique writing voice that is more appropriate for a different audience. For example, a blog about web development may contain more personal posts than a video clip, or an article on the latest news about a company’s products and services.

Creating a well-designed portfolio for your content writing services is the first step. Make sure that your content includes both standout articles and other elements that will attract a prospective client. Make sure to choose articles that represent your different writing styles and niches. This will help potential clients get a better idea of what to expect. Your portfolio should be varied and well-organized, but still convey a cohesive style and quality. This is especially important if you’re seeking a freelancer position.

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Writing portfolios are an excellent resource for showcasing your work. These samples can showcase your writing ability in a compelling and creative way. Using an example of content writing for freelance writers can give you ideas on how to approach the work. Depending on the type of work you want to do, you can also choose a writer’s portfolio that shows the type of work they specialize in. One example of a content writer’s portfolio is a website that features a downloadable resume and a timeline of their work experience. A website’s portfolio should also contain a click-through to each of their projects.


If you’re considering hiring a content writer to develop your website or blog, you’ll find that there are many different price ranges for their services. However, you can save a lot of time by hiring someone in the middle range. A freelancer in this price range will typically have a couple of years of experience and know a good amount. These types of writers will cost a little more than a lower-end freelancer, but they’ll also have enough experience and knowledge to handle your content creation projects on their own.

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Per-word pricing for content writer hire is typically below average, but can still produce high-quality content. Since freelance writers have a balancing act among many clients, they’re paid the same amount regardless of the time it takes to complete their projects. They prioritize projects with the best effort-to-return ratio, so they may prioritize more straightforward projects. If you’re unsure about how to price your project, check out our article writing service pricing guide.

High-volume writers can easily become profitable by turning out tons of content for low prices. But if your content requires quotes, interviews, or graphic design, you can expect to pay a higher rate. You can even find freelance writers in other countries for a fraction of the cost of British and American freelancers. This can make it much easier for you to hire a writer that you can trust to produce top-quality work at an affordable price.

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