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How to Host an HBO Watch Party with Your Friends (Virtually)

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If you’ve been Netflix Partying it up in quarantine, you’ll be happy to know that there’s yet another service that delivers remote viewing parties to the general public, this time with all of your favorite HBO watch party entertainment.

HBO watch party is a free Chrome extension that allows remote users to stream Netflix and now HBO material while video chatting with each other, going beyond Netflix Party’s built-in chat room capability. This means you can watch reruns of Girls and Game of Thrones, as well as the most recent West world finale and the new season of Insecure, while also watching your friends’ responses in real-time.

To use it, each member of the viewing party must have their own Netflix, HBO Now, or HBO Go membership. (It’s unclear whether HBO Max, Warner Media’s newest streaming service, will feature on the platform when it launches on May 27.) To refresh your memory, HBO Now is a separate streaming service that does not require a cable subscription, whereas HBO Go include with your cable subscription.

If you have Chrome version 66.0.3359 or higher, you can download the extension here. HBO allows up to 20 people to join a party and communicate by video, audio, or chat. While it’s not quite the same as watching Run on the sofa with your buddies while sharing a bowl of popcorn, it’s certainly a close second.

HBO is a watch party app that allows you to stream HBO Go and HBO Now.

It can be difficult to set up a virtual watch party without the use of specialized tools. It’s easy to lose track of time, and conversing with friends might result in annoying audio feedback. However, there are a few tools that can assist speed up the process, such as HBO Max, which is now compatible with HBO Now and HBO Go. Users with an HBO streaming app may sign up for HBO for free, build a virtual theatre, share a code, and begin viewing movies and shows with their friends.

On HBO Max, how many profiles can you have?

You’ll need to create extra HBO Max profiles once you’ve connected various devices. Up to five additional profiles can be added to your account. Each device can stream a different movie or show when you use multiple profiles on different devices. Each account has its own watch history and favorite watches.

If you have numerous profiles and load the HBO Max Watch Party website or launch the HBO Max app, you must choose one before proceeding. You may also switch between profiles on a single device at any moment by selecting your profile icon, allowing different users to use the same device without their watch histories being mixed up.

Is it Possible to Watch HBO Go on a Fire Stick?

The HBO Go app is no longer available for usage on Fire Stick streaming devices, and even if you are able to side-load an older version of the program onto a Fire Stick, it wouldn’t work because the HBO Go service merged with HBO Max.

However, because the great majority, if not all, of HBO Go material, was integrated with the HBO Max watch party media collection, you may still view it on a Fire Stick.

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