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How to make a video with pictures on your mobile or computer for free

Learn how to make a video from pictures on your mobile or computer without being a professional. We’ll show you a quick and easy way to make a video from photos.

How to make a video from photos easily

You may think that making a video from photos is difficult, but it is very easy, especially with the presence of many applications and programs available for free. Most of these apps and websites give you ready-made themes or templates. You just need to upload the images to the site or to the application, choose the music, and click Create to get a beautiful video from the group of images you put. In this article, we will discuss various ways to make a video with photos and music with ease.

How to make a video with pictures and music on the phone

If you want to make a short video from a group of photos, videos and add music, there is no better than the Google Photos service, which is available for free for all platforms. You can use it for iPhone and Android or on a computer online. If you want to make a professional video from photos, there are a group of programs and sites that we will provide you with below. Continue reading the article.

Programs to create video with pictures on the mobile in a professional way

A wide range of programs provides video-making services with pictures and music. But few programs offer this service for professional video production. Among the best programs for making videos with pictures are as follows:

VN Video Editor

My favorite program is to make professional videos on mobile. The program is professional in every word but still a bit new. It has an excellent set of templates ready to choose to make your video from photos, videos, and music. The program is entirely free and has a wide range of sound effects, transitions, and great music. You will definitely love it. The program is available for Android and iPhone, completely free of charge.

Magisto Video Editor

A program dedicated to making a video with pictures on the mobile phone. Where you can add music, sound effects, and many beautiful effects and filters, there are also ready-made templates that can be used to facilitate the assembly process and add movements and other things that may be difficult for some. The program is available for Android and iPhone.


Easy-to-use video maker from photos. You do not need a lot of skills for video editing and the reason for this is that there are more than 100 ready-made templates. You can upload your photos and choose the template you want. Hence you get a respectable slideshow viewer with the right music for your chosen template type. The program is available for Android and iPhone.

Free video making sites from photos, videos, and music

Suppose you do not prefer programs and need a website or web application that perfectly meets your requirements. In that case, you do not have to worry because, of course, there are also many sites and web applications that provide you with excellent service almost completely free of charge. Just keep reading to learn more about these sites.

Kapwing site

A special site that lets you make a video from your photos adds music, transitions, effects, time, zoom, text, and control layers. It also enables you to customize the dimensions of the video to suit the platform in which you will be sharing your video. You can also preview the work you are doing directly. An excellent site I would recommend it.

FlexClip site

The site offers a variety of services for creating visual content, including the ability to make videos from images online. When you try to extract the video, you will need to sign in to the site once you have chosen a template. You can add text, music, elements, and even a direct audio recording from the microphone.

The information presented here is a guide to making videos with photos on a mobile device or computer for free. I hope you found something useful in this article. Let me know if you know of good and free services for this issue.


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