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How to Prepare for Summer Storm Season with the Right Survival Gear

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Most people tend to think of winter as the main season for storms. You may also think of spring rain and unpredictable weather. However, the heaviest storm season actually happens during the summer and fall. That’s why you should prepare for the summer storm season now. All you have to do is focus on 2 things: finding the right survival gear and staying prepared. So be sure to get the best survival equipment you can find. After that, prepare your property and your family before summer storms roll in.

Check and Manage Your Property

Beforeyou stock up on survival gear, check your home and property for any storm risks. Afterward, if you find anything that you can fix or manage, make sure you do it ASAP. Here are a few important examples to keep in mind:

• Look at your roof both before and after storms. Find any damaged or missing tiles and shingles and replace them. Check inside your roof space for leaks or sagging insulation. Furthermore, have a professional check your roof every 5-7 years.

• Check your yard and balcony for anything that might blow away in a storm. Also, look for potential debris that could blow into your house or windows and secure it.

• Clean out gutters and drain pipes. Clogged gutters and pipes can mean flooding into roof cavities.

• Trim your trees and cut branches that are too close to your home. Even more important is trimming away any large dead branches near your house.

• Also, be sure that all your insurance is up to date.

Set Up an Emergency Kit with Survival Equipment

Set up an emergency kit with water, food, survival equipment, and other essentials. For instance, you should have 3 days’ worth of food and water at least. Remember to keep enough food and supplies for everyone in your family. Include survival equipment like lanterns and a tool to light fires. Also, be sure you have included any medication your family needs. Don’t forget to include supplies for your pets if you have them.

Pick Up the Right Survival Gear

Without a doubt, having the right survival gear is essential for emergencies. Storms can knock your power out, even if you’re prepared. Think about the survival gear that would come in handy if that happens. Some examples of must-have survival gear include:

• Solar lanterns and solar flashlight

• Arc lighter to light fires

• Solar radios

• Water purifying survival equipment

• Solar cell phone chargers and a solar generator

• Survival food kits to feed your family for at least 3 days

• Solar kettle for boiling water and cooking

Practice an Emergency Home Survival Plan with Your Family

In addition to having the right survival gear, making a family emergency plan is critical. That plan should include teaching your family how to use your emergency equipment. Sometimes, emergencies can happen while family members are out of the house. In that case, make plans for how you can get in touch with them. Make sure everyone agrees on where you’ll meet and who to contact in the event of an emergency.

Tune In to Local Information

Being prepared with the right survival equipment is important because it can help you stay informed. Survival gear like solar radios and solar cell phone chargers can help keep you updated on vital information, even during a blackout. Access to local information is essential, and so is being able to contact loved ones or first responders. It can make all the difference during emergencies.

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