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How To Setup and Install IJ Start Canon Printer


ij.start.cannon offers the services for Canon Printers. Canon printers can used for a variety of purposes. For example, printing, scanning, and copying are just a few of the possibilities available. This site also includes online product manuals, configuration, and download instructions for printers and scanners. In which each ij.start.canon necessitates the availability of specific drivers for specific artificial and unique codes. A new user can learn the way to use via going to ij.start.canon. In this post, you will get to know about ij start canon below

How to install a Canon printer driver in Windows 10?

To learn how to connect a Canon Wireless printer to a computer, follow the instructions below:

Switch On Printer

  • Firstly, switch on your printer.
  • Then, on the screen of the printer.


  • Now, go to the dashboard.
  • Then, press the settings Option.

Wireless LAN Configure

  • Now, look at the wireless LAN option.
  • Then, hit Ok.
  • Now, pause the screening process.
  • Then, Use the scroll down.
  • When you see the setup option on the monitor.
  • Then, hit Ok.

Cableless Setup

  • Now find the cableless structure.
  • Then, hit ok.
  • Now on your panel, you will get the instructions.

Activate Canon Driver

  • Then, on either side, turn on the windows.
  • Now, activate Canon Drivers.

Add device

  • Then, select add device options.
  • Now, the driver will search the nearest device network.
  • Now, choose the Canon Device printer name and Add it.
  • The wireless Printer is now connected.

How do I connect My Canon printer to My computer via USB

To understand How to connect My Canon printer to My computer via USB follow the following steps :

USB Cable

  • Firstly, a USB cable is required.
  • Then, Join the one point of USB with the window device and another end to the windows device.
  • Then, make sure both devices are switched on.

Window Panel

  • Now, go to the window panel.
  • Then, go to the Start.

Search Canon Printer

  • Now, search for the printer and optical character recognition.
  • Then click on the printer and optical character recognition.

Add Device

  • Now, the add device option will be shown on your screen.
  • Now, the device will display on the screen.
  • Hit add option.
  • Then, add Canon ij Start Setup.
  • Now , the ij.start.cannon device is successfully added.

How to connect Canon printer to Mac with USB

  • Firstly, Go to the Menu.
  • Now, go to your screen’s Apple symbol and click on it. Then you come upon a drop-down menu.
  • Then, select the System Preferences option from the Mac drop-down menu, on the top of the display.
  • Now, select Printers & scanners from the drop-down menu. On the System. Preferences screen, you’ll notice this symbol.
  • Then press the + button. It’s towards the screen’s bottom-left corner. A pop-up window appears as a result of this action.
  • Select the name of your Canon ij Start Setup printer as per the drop-down menu.
  • Now, select your ij.start.canon name .
  • A dialogue box will open on the screen. Now, initiate the ij. start.canon setup.
  • After the setup. The printer name will be visible on your Mac Device.

How to connect canon printer (ij.start.cannon)to wifi

  • Firstly, Activate the printer.
  • Now, go to the printer’s setup option.
  • If Wireless LAN Configures.
  • Then, hit Ok.
  • Then, use the arrow keys to navigate to additional configuration settings.
  • Then, on the next screen, press the OK button.
  • Now, turn on the Wi-Fi device, on the other hand.
  • On the Wi-Fi router, press and hold the WPS button.
  • The blinking will then begin.
  • When the blinking stops, the gadget is linked
  • Take any gadget, such as a computer, a laptop, or a smartphone.
  • Switch that device’s Wi-Fi on.
  • Then they look for a Wi-Fi connection.
  • After that, connect your device to the Wi-Fi network and input the password.
  • The password will be read by the printer, and it will connect to the device.
  • Now, ij.start.canon is successfully connected to wifi

Why is My Canon Printer Offline?

Canon printers are well-known all over the world. With the increase in technology and people’s demands printers are coming in the IT marketing with advance features. But in all the printers there is a common problem and this happens with canon printers as well and it is- Canon printer offline issue.

After an update because of many other things Canon printer offline issue occurs. So, before fixing the issue, you should know what the problem is. In between so many causes, there can any issue because of which your canon printer is offline. Below we have listed some issues that are most common for canon printer offline issue.

  • Printer not connected to a high-speed internet connection.
  • Printer and computer are not connected.
  • USB cable is not plugged in well.
  • Printer is turned off or in sleep- mode.
  • Outdated printer drivers of Canon printer.
  • Printer is paused
  • No Wi-Fi connection available.
  • Printer job stuck in the queue.
  • There are so many issues that can cause canon printer offline issue if you are unable to understand and detect the problem you can take the help of canon printer tech support.

How Do I Get My Canon Printer Online Back?

Why is my canon printer offline? How can I fix it? What are the steps for canon printer offline fix? And some related questions to these must be running in your mind. We are so much aware of this because after an update in your computer system the issue is likely to occur or sometimes it happens because of some different things. When Canon printer says offline, users’ printing work stops immediately this can hamper your work we understand which instantly gives rise to frustration.

So to solve your issues we have listed step-by-step guidance:

  • Go to Settings and then Printers. Then see if your printer is offline or online.
  • If your printer is offline then right-click on the printer and select “Use Printer Online”.
  • Clear all printing job. Go to Printer Menu, and select Cancel All Documents. Maybe because of so many printing commands your canon printer is offline.
  • Turn off the printer and then come back a few minutes later then check your printer by running a print test.
  • On the Start menu enter Spooler service, and open the folder. Then go to Print Spooler and click Restart.
  • Now click Printer Spooler again and this time select Properties. In the Startup Type bar set Automatic. Click OK and save the changes.
  • If the canon printer offline issues still continue to occur, then proceed further.
  • Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sounds> Devices and Printers, open the folder and see for your printer.
  • Now select your printer and right-click on it, in the drop-down menu select “See what’s printing”. From there delete all the printing jobs.
  • Run a print test to see if still, your canon printer is offline. If yes, then re-install the printer drivers and software.

How Do I Fix My Canon Printer Offline Windows 10?

In Windows 10 then an update comes sometimes it causes your printer to stop/pause or maybe canon printer offline. It is the most common problem that happens, but you don’t need to worry because we have the solution for this. We have mentioned the steps taken by experts to solve the canon printer offline issue in Windows 10.

Before starting to fix canon printer offline issue you need to make sure that you have checked below mentioned things:

  • The printer is connected well with your computer and with the same wifi that is connected to your computer.
  • The printer should be on or ensure to wake it up from sleep mode.
  • Check paper tray and make sure that paper is not jammed and (or) ink cartridge is not empty or low.
  • Now Go to Setting and then open Printers. Right-click on the printer and select “Use Printer Online” option. If you notice that your canon printer says offline or paused.
  • Open the Printer menu and select “See what’s printing” and delete all the documents. This could have been stopping your printing work.
  • Restart your printer and run a print test. If everything goes well, then your canon printer is online but if not then follow the next step.
  • Now see for the Drivers and Software of your printer.
  • Download and install the drivers and software of your printer.

How Do I Get My Canon Printer Online Back Mac?

When purchasing a canon printer for your Mac, you need to analyze this first that the printer you are choosing is able to connect with MacBook. For this, you can ask the manufacturer or research online. Sometimes canon printer offline issue also occurs when a canon printer is connected to MacBook. If you are facing the issue of canon printer offline, then read further to solve turn your printer back online for Mac, below.

  • In order to turn your canon offline printer back online, click on the Apple menu and then choose System Preferences. Then open the Hardware section and select Print & Scan.
  • In the printer list on left, select the printer. A drop-down menu will get open and from there you have to select the Reset Printing System.
  • Confirm that your printer is on and connected to your Mac either with a wireless network or by USB cable.
  • Now click Apple Menu> System Preference> Print & Scan.
  • Now you have to select the + add button to add your canon printer to Mac.
  • After clicking a drop-down menu will get opened, you need to choose your printer from the list and click to add. Your MacBook will automatically download the latest version of your canon printer.

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