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How to Take Care of Vintage designer letterman jacket

Vintage leather designer letterman jacket are great additions to any wardrobe. Whether you’re male or female, having this kind of jacket in your closet will make you party-ready anytime of the year. When that special occasion comes, all you have to do is to don your party outfit and finish your get-up with this sleek and sexy leather jacket.

Vintage leather motorcycle jackets can be found in any specialty clothing stores. Here, they give you quality leather jackets that will never run out of style. Buying in specialty stores also ensures that the tailoring and jacket material would provide you quality.

However, some malls also offer these kinds of jacket. Malls offer an alternative shop to those who in a hurry to buy these stylish jackets. Purchasing in malls entails you to spot great finds at discounted prices. When buying in malls, just make sure to double check any product defects so you’ll always bring home the best leather jacket at the right price.

You may also want to check some great leather jackets being sold in online shops. Buying clothes online is one of the most convenient way of shopping these days. What’s more exciting with online shopping is that you get to compare different styles and forms of the products you’re browsing in just one look.

Once you’ve purchased your jacket, your next problem would be preserving it. Fret not because here’s some guidelines on how to take care of your leather jacket so it would last longer.

Store it in a cool place with low humidity. Placing your jacket in your closet might not be the best idea when it comes to storage. Before selecting the hanger, check first if your closet is too warm for your leather jacket. If the sun’s rays always hit your closet, don’t make it as the storage area of your vintage jacket.

Always select a wooden hanger for your leather jackets. Wooden hanger keeps your jacket cool. Also, make sure that the hanger fits the jacket properly to avoid being deformed.

Avoid storing it in plastic. Let the jacket’s leather breathe. Don’t stuff it inside plastic laundry bags or any kind of bag. Storing it inside a bag or cover will just ruin the leather material of your prized jacket.

Maintain the luster of your vintage jacket by applying leather conditioner. Leather conditioners are available in the market. To shine the leather parts of your jacket, get a smooth cloth and put a drop or a dollop of the leather conditioner. Wax the leather part of your jacket in one motion. Do this at least once a month so your jacket will look new.

To clean stain and other dirt on your jacket, turn to professional cleaners. You might not want to include it in your regular laundry routine. Giving it to professional cleaners is the safest way to having your leather jacket cleaned. Plus, they have all the formula and cleaning aids that are truly effective and safe. They are the experts in cleaning that’s why they know what’s the best way to remover stains from your leather jackets. In giving your leather jacket to them, you don’t have to worry about anything that involves your jacket.

Taking care of leather jackets is very easy. All you have to do is to think of these guidelines so your vintage leather motorcycle jacket will always look new and in-style.


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