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How to Teach an International Student for your Online English Teaching jobs?

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Globalisation has let people come together from around the globe in collaborative projects. English tutoring jobs online and online education is similar too. One of the most exciting opportunities online tutoring shares is giving students a unique experience meeting people from across the globe in a shared learning environment.

They can learn the course content, but they can also engage in new culture, language, traditions and people. From a tutor’s point of view, having students from across the globe can be challenging.

International culture exchange hasn’t been easy. Teaching a student who doesn’t speak the same language can be challenging.

How to Teach an International Student?

  • Find out about the student’s culture through research

Firstly, to help an international student, learn about them and their culture. In your first online English tutor jobs session, while teaching, you can learn more about the student.

This will give you enough time to understand the culture, and research their likes, interests etc. In the next session, you have something to talk about that they like or interests them.

  • Terminology Matters

Make sure that you use terms that are respectful in their culture. There are some terms and phrases that can be sensitive or share a different meaning in their culture.

Also, there can be appropriate gestures in your culture but highly unacceptable in theirs. So, be very sure that you do go over the line, try to make the topic of learning to the point. You should avoid as much confusion as possible!

  • Always be patient with them

During your online teaching jobs English, how you handle International students should be with patients. They are new to the language, the language barrier with the tutor occurs too. They are as intimidated as you are, so be patient and let them learn at their pace. Do not overdo anything since they need time to grasp words, terms, and phrases.

Also, allow them to breathe, ask them which teaching style makes them comfortable. Please think of this as an opportunity to learn about them, and give them enough time to understand the language. Once they are thorough with the basics, you can move ahead and teach them to advance.

  • Visual Examples are Best

Since there can be language barriers when teaching International students during your online English teaching jobs. You can use more visual examples, like charts, or ppts and videos. This will be an excellent way to keep the conversation going and allow them to understand easily too.

With the help of illustration and videos, learning becomes more straightforward, more accessible, and more memorable. In your tutoring job, you have to keep your students’ interest first before yours. So find ways that make them comfortable in learning a new language.


Now that you know how to do your english speaking tutor online neatly with the International student. It is time to practice what you have learned so far and make the most of it. If you are teaching English, try to communicate in the same language to practice it well.


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