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How to Transfer Emails from Outlook to Gmail?

How to transfer emails from Outlook to Gmail

How to transfer emails from Outlook to Gmail? It is quite a common problem when you want to switch from one email provider to another. Not everyone is an expert in Outlook and Gmail, so it becomes important to find a way out. If you want to transfer Outlook emails to Gmail, then you can try the following tricks. But note that the quality of Outlook mailbox export is still not up to the mark.

2 methods to transfer mail from Outlook to Gmail?

  • Initially, select the settings choice on the right-hand side of your Gmail account page.
  • Click ‘settings
  • At the header of the setting’s page, pick the ‘Records and Import‘ tab
  • Select ‘import mail‘ in the import mail tab.
  • On the off chance that you have imported anything before, select ”import from another location
  • There will be another window and it will ask ”which record would you like to import from?” you want to type your outlook.com email address to Import emails from Outlook to Gmail.
  • Select “Proceed
  • Then, at that point, another new window will open, it will request that you sign in to your Outlook.com account. 
  • You need to enter your viewpoint email address and secret key and sign in to your record. Assuming you will sign in effectively another window will open up and will request that you close the window to proceed.

Method 2 from g suite 

The above strategy can function admirably, in any case, Outlook application establishment is an absolute necessity. Notwithstanding, there are different situations where the client just has Outlook 2016 information document i.e., Personal Storage Table, and needs to import its email in a private Gmail account. In that circumstance, you can’t utilize the account synchronization technique. In such cases, the Outlook to G Suite Migration device can work. It is an optimal method for bringing in .pst messages into a Gmail account without the help of the Microsoft application.

Download Free Outlook to G Suite Migrator

Indeed, there is a date channel usefulness whose aphorism is to import the messages of a specific time stretch in a wanted Gmail or G Suite account. In addition, the mass measure of Outlook information like messages, contacts, and arrangements gets relocated to numerous Google Mail accounts in a solitary endeavor. Therefore, it is an across-the-board answer for importing Outlook 2016 messages to a Gmail account.

How to Transfer Contacts from Outlook to Gmail?

In the subsequent window import choice, select the choice ‘import contact’ Import sends. Presently consequently the entirety of your messages and contacts will be relocated to your Gmail record and you will begin accepting your messages in your Gmail account once the cycle is finished.

Select ”Start import and afterward click ‘alright‘. The system will begin when you select Ok and every one of your messages, contacts, occasions, arrangements will begin bringing in to your Gmail account bother-free. It will continue to run behind the scenes, regardless you are doing. The whole method will require 1-2 days relying upon the size and the number of messages you have in your record.


How to switch Calendars from Outlook to Gmail?

Very much like email and contacts, the schedule is likewise one of the significant necessities in our day-to-day routine. Meeting plans, arrangements, and so forth everything is saved in the schedule. Thus it is important to relocate the schedule from Outlook to Gmail to smooth out everything. The cycle is practically something similar, you really want to choose the schedule and duplicate the passages and move them to your Gmail account.

The methodology is no different for moving the occasions and arrangements moreover.

Basically, these days it has become awkward to deal with. In the current situation, individuals are anticipating saving time and energy. This is one reason why an ever-increasing number of money managers, experts, and MNCs are changing from Outlook to Gmail.

Gmail, running against the norm, is truly helpful and simple to explore. It is extremely simple to utilize when contrasted with the outlook. one can get to Gmail from any side of the world.

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