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Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Wedding Photo Booth Rentals

Wedding Photo Booth Rentals
Wedding Photo Booth Rentals

So you have finally taken the plunge. You are all set to add some fun to your event with a photo booth! We are sure you have seen one or two at a friend’s wedding, and you are thinking about what features to include in the perfect wedding photo booth Rentals

There are several photo booths in Los Angeles and beyond, and it’s difficult to understand why some photo booth firms charge $300 while others charge $1500 for the same service.

That’s why we framed some questions to help you a better understanding of how all of them will get separated. Here are some questions, you should consider asking about your wedding photo booth rental.

Is your photo booth closed or available at open?

There are two types of photo booths: closed and open-air. Finding a provider with the sort of booth you want is the first step in your search for photo booth excellence.

The typical box-type closed booths incorporate all features within a closed compartment. Open-air booths, on the other hand, comprise free-standing components such as a camera, a printer, and a backdrop.

Closed booths provide more privacy and have a smaller footprint than open-air booths. This flexibility has made open-air booths so popular in recent years.

Open-air booths can be tailor-made to fit any design or theme. Because you are thinking outside the box, you can combine everything from a green screen to basic and stylish color or pattern curtains to unique three-dimensional displays.

Because open-air booths are free-form, you can fit considerably more people in each frame than you can in a closed booth.

What are the features of your photographs?

It may not appear to be much, but with only a few easy steps, you can have an immediate photo booth! But there’s a lot that goes into getting an excellent shot from a photo booth. Request that the firm you intend to hire show you some photographs of what is expected from the booth you will be renting.

Our photo booth has professional photo shoot lighting! This lighting guarantees that the images are bright and clean. Check to see if the background has washed the individuals in the images. Many firms employ a black or white background, which doesn’t work when the bride is wearing white and the groom is wearing black.

We spend a lot of money on high-quality backgrounds. Finally, find out what type of printer they use. We only utilize the greatest dye sublimation printer, which produces stunning black and white and color photographs, in around 7 seconds.

What are your charges?

Every day, we receive numerous queries, and occasionally buyers inform us they found a lesser price on a discount. They later discover that the first quotation they got did not include any additional expenses.

Some of these businesses charge costs for transportation, delivery, setup/tear down, props, USB drives, additional prints, and so on.

We will never charge you an additional cost for using the booth. Our packages include unlimited images and prints, access to all of our props, a personalized photo strip template, and a pleasant attendant.

What exactly is included?

As with other things, you get what you pay for with photo booths.

A low-cost photo booth firm may charge extra for items that you’d expect to be included, such as props, a backdrop, or prints. Make sure that every firm you interview is explicit about what their fee entails.

  • How many hours did you put in?
  • Are set-up and tear-down included?
  • Will you be bringing any props? Is there a prop table?
  • Is there a background included?
  • Will you be given copies of all the photographs taken?
  • You don’t want any unpleasant shocks on your wedding day.
  • Will there be someone at the booth?

Understand what to expect at your booth. To provide your guests with the greatest experience possible, several providers send an attendant to handle the photo booth and props table. There are photo booth experiences, such as our Social Booth, that do not require an attendant… simply because they are so simple to operate! Kids, adults, and even the elderly can figure it out at the moment!

Do you give props? Which kind?

If you want to include props in your photo booth fun, think about a vendor’s approach before booking. Prop selection and quality differ, so question each provider about the perspective you interview.

Some merchants do not provide props or urge customers to bring their own. Depending on who you are, this might be exciting or terrifying, and either way, it can add a significant amount to your budget. Other suppliers specialize in 2D paper props, while others specialize in 3D items. Some provide typical prop options, while others are selected and entirely personalized.

With these possibilities, you may wind up with anything from a random assortment of mustaches and enormous glasses to a themed selection that helps convey the unique tale of your event. There are even some photo booths that allow you to add digital props and after-effects to your shot after it has been taken!

Is your insurance covered?

Here’s another question where the only likely response is “yes.” Some venues require all vendors to be insured, but even if yours does not, it is in everyone’s best interest if they are. Accidents happen, despite appearances, and having insurance makes life a lot simpler.

How much space do you require?

Different booths, various arrangements, and various space needs. Will the booth you’re thinking about fit in your venue and in the location you have planned? It’s critical to learn the setup specifications, including height, for each booth you choose.

Inquire about any specific restrictions a vendor may have if you’re hosting an outside event.

Photo booths, like other forms of electrical equipment, must operate within a certain temperature range and be protected from the environment. Because direct sunlight is bad for images and backgrounds may become enormous sails in the wind, many booth operators need an overhead covering and a sturdy backing behind them.

Does Your Photo booth Have Wi-Fi?

Do you want your visitors to text, email, Facebook, or Tweet their images right away? If this is the case, make sure you select a photo booth that has Wi-Fi. However, keep in mind that a photo booth with Wi-Fi is only one component of the equation. Is Wi-Fi available at your venue? If not, or if you are unsure, ensure that the photo booth company you hire can supply their own.

Tell us about your reviews

One of the greatest methods to determine the quality of a photo booth company is to read honest reviews from a third-party source.

Request referrals from friends and family, but also study the company’s evaluations on social media and sites like Google and Yelp. Any firm that is secretive about its evaluations is not one you want to work with.


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