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Important Topics to Learn in AutoCAD course in Delhi

Planning and right direction are important to grab any career of choice. Same rule applies on CAD field. Even if you don’t have any engineering background; you can still learn and master CAD applications like AutoCAD. The main thing that you require is to follow the guidance of experts and learn the important concepts. This blog provides a glimpse of important topics that you can learn pursuing your AutoCAD training but before that let’s first uncover the role of AutoCAD and its uses.

This CAD software is mainly used for making drafts for floor and complete building plans. It comes with both 2D and 3D workspace, tools, and options. Even it offers rendering and walk through animation settings. The role of this software in this industry is crucial and every aspirant should give special focus on it while attending classes in architecture design courses.

Thus learning this application becomes so much important. If you are interested in making career with this CAD software application then you must consider starting with a complete program.

AutoCAD Course in Delhi

With the professional level of training, you can achieve a different level of understanding in CAD. To do so, you must think about AutoCAD course in Delhi offered by ADMEC Multimedia Institute. This course is a complete package of training that covers everything required to become an AutoCAD master.

Important Topics in AutoCAD

The key topics that you will learn while attending classes at ADMEC are given below.

  • 2D tools
  • 2D workspace
  • 3D tools
  • 3D workspace
  • Rendering
  • Walk through animation

2D tools:  The 2D tools are Line, Circle, Rectangle, Polyline, Elipse, Arc, Move, Copy, Erase, Trim, Rotate, Array, etc. With the help of these tools, you can create any type of 2D drawings or drafts.

2D workspace: The 2D workspace is made of command panel, ribbon panel and tools coming in it. Basically there are mainly 3 workspaces in AutoCAD which are: Drafting and Annotation, 3D Basics and the last is 3D modeling. You can change the workspace from right side options according to your need.

3D tools: In 3D, there are various tools coming to help us in making 3D view of any 2D drawing. These tools are extrude, 3D array, 3D copy, 3D move, etc.

3D workspace: As we have discussed above, 3D basics and 3D modeling are two main workspaces for working on the modeling parts of the drawing.

Rendering: Rendering is one of the most important topics to learn in AutoCAD. It comes after 3D and mainly used for showing the realistic view of the 3D drawing. The rendering process offers options related to making sky changes, cameras, and lights.

Walkthrough animation: This type of animation shows the 360 degree view of 3D drawing. Cameras have to set up to adjust the angle of the animation.

Best AutoCAD Institute in Delhi to join

In order to give a boost to your training, you must go for best place and ADMEC Multimedia Institute comes at the top in the list of best AutoCAD institutes in Delhi. Here are few reasons for that:

  • Placement guaranteed
  • Practice lab facility
  • Small batches
  • Weekend batches are available on both online and offline class modes
  • Weekly doubt sessions are there
  • Study material will be provided by the institute
  • Completely certified training
  • Evaluation process will take place after training, and many more.

ADMEC offers several programs not only in CAD but also in 11 other arenas.


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