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Instagram offers huge rewards to users who post on Reels and its TikTok version

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In the midst of TikTok exceeds its 1 billion active monthly users milestone, rival platforms such as YouTube Shorts, Snapchat Spotlight and Instagram Reels are incentivizing users to publish their short-form videos in their apps rather than. YouTube has established the $100 million maker fund for shorts. Snapchat offers cash prizes for entries to Spotlight contests and, most recently, Instagram is upping the quality of their weekly Bonus Reels.

However, creators aren’t sure the factors that determine how much of the bonus they can claim from Instagram and the platform doesn’t seem to be helping in settling their issues. Instagram said to FollowersBucket that the program is still in its experimental phase and in its initial stage. However, the lack in transparency could be a problem for creators who rely on Instagram to earn money. The bonus program also had an issue this week that caused creative who are eligible to receive the reward to be told that they are not eligible to be paid. Instagram confirmed to TechCrunch that the glitch has been resolved.

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Maddy Corbin, who has more than 52,000 fans on Instagram She was offered up to $1000 for her reels over the course of one month. However, she was aware some other authors were offered different offers.


“I saw some people that had more followers than me and they could only make $600,” Corbin explained to TechCrunch. Others with less followers were given $800. “I wish I had more information about how this was made. The only thing I can think of is that it could be a result of previous reels’ performance.”

What Corbin said?

A creator who has around 24,000 Instagram followers, which is less than half like Corbin — revealed to TechCrunch that the previous month they received a reward worth up to $850 if had 1.7 million views across the reels that were posted in the month. This bonus doesn’t come with a hefty price tag -the creator purposely posted one reel every each day throughout the promotional time and got 1.49 million spins on their reels and earned a $689.90 payment. They were however disappointed that all the Meta-owned apps such as Instagram shut down offline for about six hours because of problems with their servers last month and slowed the growth of the Reels. Buy Instagram followers Nigeria in order to gain best of your social growth.


This month, Instagram has stepped up the reward by a few notches: now this creator can earn 8500 dollars per 9.28 million viewers. This is, in proportion, more lucrative than the last month’s rates as well as you could earn more than 10 times the cash. The creator claimed that it’s a higher pay-per-view than the one they receive on TikTok with 32,000 users.

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It’s not clear the way Instagram’s bonus offer is calculated . an Reddit user received up to $35,000 for more than one million views within the course of a month. Miguel Lozada, a Twitch streamer with about 800 Instagram followers, received the same deal of $8,500 as a creator who has 24,000 followers. Another user who has 59,000 followers informed TechCrunch that they received an additional $850 in the month of March.


“We’re continuing to test payments as we roll out to more creators, and expect them to fluctuate while we’re still getting started,” Instagram said to TechCrunch. “We’ve created bonuses to ensure that we can assist all creators that possible in a manner that’s feasible and generates real-time income. We want bonuses to become more personalised as time passes.”


A few creators claimed they felt they felt that their reels didn’t get enough attention after when they joined bonus programs.


“The first three days [I had access to bonuses], I was probably making about $40 a day, and it literally crashed after about week one, and it went down to like cents and dollars per day,” Corbin declared. “So it’s been interesting because I really haven’t changed that much the way that I’m putting my content out.”


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