High Accurate Traceable Temperature Standard

Kaye IRTD-400

The IRTD is a high accuracy traceable temperature standard probe used as part of the Kaye Validation systems for calibrating sensors. During sensor calibration / verifications, sensors are compared against the IRTD and offsets are automatically calculated and stored. The broad temperature range from  -196 to 420°C, enables it to be used in virtually all temperature validation applications.

The IRTD is an integral part of Kaye’s automated sensor calibration system and communicates directly with all Kaye Validation systems. With an accuracy of +/- 0.025, the IRTD temperature standard probe provides a 4 to 1 ratio for calibrating sensors to 0.100°C.

The temperature standard probe can be used for confirming the accuracy of other temperature devices. For this purpose, Kaye has developed IRTDWin™ software. The IRTDWin™ software is one convenient interface screen lets you track probe stability, numerically and graphically, and confirm system accuracy.

See real time data of your IRTD using the calibration interface and the Kaye IRTD Console software. The calibration interface connects directly to your computer using USB and to up to two IRTDs. The software immediate shows the temperature of the IRTDs with an accurate resolution to the thousandths degree. The interface is simple, easy to use, and does not need a power source, as it is powered by the computer.


  • Temperature range -196 to 420°C
  • Accuracy over range ±0.025°C
  • Resolution 0.001°C
  • Sensor element 200 Ohm Platinum sensor
  • Sheath material Inconel™ 600
  • Immersion depth 101.6mm (4″)
  • Calibration Traceable to NIST or PTB; Recommended calibration period is 1 year
  • Measurement rate 30 readings per second
  • Ambient temperature range 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
  • Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing
  • Dimensions Overall length: 603mm (23.75″); Grip: 89mm x 32mm (3.5″ x 1.25″) Sensor sheath: 457mm x 6.35mm (18″ x 0.25″)


This temperature standard probe is used for applications ranging from -196°C to 420°C and where traceability and high accuracy is required.


Specifications IRTD-400
Temperature Range -196 to 420°C
Accuracy Over Range* 0.025°C
Resolution 0.001°C
Sensor Element 200 Ohm Platinium RTD Sensor
Sheath Material Inconel 600
Minimum Immersion Depth 101.6 mm (4″)
Calibration ** Traceable to NIST, DAkkS calibrated (Europe);
recommended calibration period is 1 year
Power to Probe Unregulated DC, 10 to 25V, first probe:
850mW at 15V; each additional probe 550mW
Power Supply *** Adapter: 110 VAC US-style, or
230 VAC VDE-approved
Measurement Rate 1 reading per second
Environmental Ambient Temperature Range: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°C)
Humidity 0 to 95% non condensing
Dimensions Overall length 603mm (23.75″)
Grip: 89mm x 32mm (3.5″ x 1.25″)
Sensor sheath: 457mm x 6.35mm (18″ to 0.25″)

* Accurate for 1 year, 0 to 60°C ambient. Includes calibration certificate with traceable to NIST

** Kaye provides a recertification service for calibrating the Temperature Standard

*** Power Supply is not required for use with the ValProbe system

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