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Is collectbux.com legit website for free Robux


Getting free objects on a gaming platform is a big reward for players. Robux is in demand among the Roblox Players. But, it can only get through cash. Noticing the demand, many developers have brought websites to giveaway free Robux.

These are third-party websites, and they come under suspicion because of various frauds occurring in the online world. Some are trustworthy and give Robux, while others only steal your data. CollectRobux.com is one such domain that claims to generate free Robux. Read further to know more about legitimacy.

What is Collectrobux.com?

It is a third-party online portal that advertises itself as a distributor of free Robux. The website asks for basic information like username and asks the players to complete tasks. They do not ask for any private information. It makes them seem legit. But, we have not found any proof of their claims. Most of them are unreliable and are a sham to send malware into your devices.

This website only shares actions that make income for the developer. The four players might also get some benefit out of it by receiving promo codes of gift cards. On completion of this task, CollectRobux.com searched the server for unused gift card codes. You can use them to get available free Robux. But, you should understand that it is a legal way to get any item. Your account is under the threat of getting deactivated by the platform.

Guide to getting free Robux

Make sure you utilize a mobile device or PC with an internet connection. After that, you can start following the steps presented below.

  • The first step is to begin by accessing a search engine. Then typing collectrobux.com to reach the official homepage
  • Once the website gets launched, you can share your username to link the account in which, you want to receive Robux.
  • Do not give in your personal or financial details.
  • After that, complete a human verification by checking the “I’m not a robot” box.
  • Then, share the number of Roblox you wish to generate. The website will display some related actions that you need to perform in order to gain access to free codes
  • Now follow the prompts and, your task will get completed.
  • The domain will process promocodes or directly transfer Robux in your profile.

Is the website legit?

We followed all the instructions given by the website as narrated by us. After performing all steps, we got redirected to a blank page with no Robux information. We found the website to be fishy and immediately logged out. We think the fraudulent developers have made the website for money while the customers will waste their precious time.

People get enticed by these offers. But fail to acknowledge that it is an illegal way of buying Robux. But the website shows no authenticity. It fails to give any free Robux. Our experience may have been improper. But we would suggest you use the website on your own and comment on your experience. Please be careful while using their website and keep an eye to find something fishy. According to our recent analysis, the website got taken down from the server. So, we could not specify its trust score. There is no news on when the domain will get back.

Player reviews on Collectrobux

The internet got filled with mixed comments. Some people consider it a scam to lure innocent people and trick them by making huge claims. These third-party websites are a big concern because they can introduce malware and virus to steal your private information. It is necessary to keep an antivirus for staying protected while using any such websites.

We also came across some positive reviews that stated to have received Robux from Collectrobux. They mentioned having gotten free codes that can get redeemed on Roblox. Whether it is a legitimate source or not, you cannot access it now. It is unavailable on the server.


We recommend our readers avoid using such domains of uncertain policy to keep themselves protected from the troublesome situation. Roblox guidelines state players to refrain from using any third-party website, and if you do use them, you can get banned.

Please share your experience with us in the comments section. We love hearing from you.








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