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Is Linux Cloud Hosting better than Windows Cloud Hosting?

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If you want to host your website, you usually need to host it on a server in a data center. The server is mostly either shared or dedicated. When you use a shared server, your website gets hosted with other sites. Whereas on a dedicated server, your website gets its own space. You are not limited to only one server with cloud hosting. In this hosting, your website, your site is hosted on multiple servers which is spread across many locations connected by the internet.

Cloud hosting in India ensures your website functions effectively by sharing resources across many servers. Instead of depending on one server to host all your website needs, this hosting allows you to distribute the load among several other servers, ultimately improving your website hosting service.

Even if a server goes down or encounters a glitch, your website will not be affected, as the other servers can easily step up and take over. Cloud hosting India is efficient, secure, and reliable. Cloud hosting can either be done on Windows or Linux. It completely depends on the type of the business and its requirements.

In this article, we will do an analysis of Linux cloud hosting and Windows cloud hosting.

What is Linux Cloud hosting?

Linux cloud hosting refers to the use of the Linux operating system as the platform for hosting a website on a cloud hosting server. Two factors stand out in our definition of Linux cloud hosting, and those are the cloud hosting server and the Linux operating system.

Linux or Windows can easily interact with any website built using either operating system. The only condition is that your website must use programming language compatible with your web hosting platform. With Cheap Linux cloud hosting, businesses can perform a variety of tasks with optimum performance.

In a company that has to handle a large amount of data at all times, Linux Cloud servers are ideal. This form of hosting process data quickly, and delivers you the desired results as soon as possible. Linux cloud servers are inexpensive because you only pay for what you use, and you can take care of your security as you see fit.

Moreover, Linux Cloud hosting is highly efficient, reliable, flexible, scalable, and economical.

What is Windows Cloud hosting?

In windows cloud hosting, cloud computing platform hosts your website, which leads to easy integration of Microsoft products. Windows cloud hosting offers many advantages to customers including the ability to integrate Microsoft products seamlessly with websites.

  • Visual Basic
  • .Net Framework
  • MS Access & MS SQL

Linux Cloud hosting Vs Windows Cloud hosting

In comparison to Windows cloud hosting, Linux cloud hosting is cheaper. Since Linux is an open-source platform, the platform is free to use and users spend less time setting it up. If you decide to use the Microsoft Windows hosting platform, you will have to purchase a license, which is more expensive than the Windows Linux hosting option.

The Linux cloud hosting platform supports almost all forms of programming languages, including Dreamweaver, MySQL, CGI, Python, and PHP, except those specific to the Microsoft platform.

Also, Linux based systems come with a drawback. It is its inability to host .NET Framework since it belongs to Microsoft and only Microsoft can host it. On the other hand, Windows cloud hosting is the fact that it does not work with PHP as well as it does with Microsoft owned servers such as ASP, MS SQL, and ASP.NET.


You need to determine what is best for your website before you opt for any hosting solution. There are different versions of both, and most low-cost hosting providers operate on Linux servers. However, Linux is not the best option for everyone.

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