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It won’t let me install APK on Android: Definitive solution

Some users encounter the problem of not being able to install an APK on their Android mobile, and that is precisely what we want to teach you to do in this little tutorial. An APK is nothing more than an Android-compatible application that, instead of being downloaded from Google Play, is downloaded externally and installed in a similar way to any other application.

In most cases installing a Mod APK application on pages: TechToDown should be something simple, but the truth is that each case is different and each ROM can give more or fewer problems with some problematic APKs. With a view to all of the above, we are going to provide solutions from the simplest to the most complex so that you can install any APK on your Android mobile phone.

Activate unknown origins

Generally, this is the only problem that you will have with most Android mobile phones. Android has a security system that by default disables the possibility of installing applications in APK format so that everything you install goes through Google Play and therefore is more secure. Fortunately, this limitation can be removed, but you have to be sure what you do and that the APK you are going to install is safe.

If you want to enable unknown sources, go to Settings> Security and activate Unknown Sources. These steps may vary slightly depending on the ROM and version of Android you have installed, but they will not do so much.

Check that the APK is compatible with your Android

Not all APKs are the same, the architecture of your hardware influences the type of APK applications you can install. Generally, all modern versions of Android hardware (Qualcomm and MediaTek) work with APK applications written for ARM64 architecture, hence if you are trying to install applications for a different and unsupported architecture, obviously your system will not be able to install them.

If your mobile phone is older, it is possible that it only supports ARM (generally mobile phones that support ARM64 also support ARM, but not the other way around), and finally, it is also possible that your mobile phone has its PC architecture as it is X86 that is present in some mobiles with Intel processors.

On the other hand, you must also ensure that the minimum version supported by the application you want to install is that of your operating system. And likewise, if the application you want to install is very old it is also possible that it is not compatible with a modern version of Android.

The APK is corrupt

The APK you want to install may have suffered a problem when it was downloaded or transferred to the phone memory. In case you have doubts that this could have happened, what you should do is download it again and try to install it.

The APK is detected as a virus or malicious

It happens many times that antivirus or mobile phone security systems detect certain applications as viruses or malicious, on many occasions they are not, but applications such as AdAway or Lucky Patcher that are not viruses, are usually detected as malicious or directly viruses because they need root permissions and make certain modifications to the system.

To prevent this problem you can uninstall these applications, or in the case that they are system applications, you can freeze them momentarily, or even whenever you want with the Titanium Backup program.

My ROM won’t let me install APKs

If you have tried all of the above and they have not been able to solve your problems, do not worry, sometimes it is the ROM itself that gives problems when installing APKs, to solve the problem you can download the One-Click Apk Installer & Backup application with the that you can load that APK that refuses to install. I have tried several of these applications when I have had problems installing APKs and it is the only one that has always worked for me. It has fairly intrusive advertising, but it works. It must be said that it requires root.

And as a final measure, if all of the above fails, it would only be left to change the ROM and install a Custom ROM based on pure Android of the type Resurrection Remix, LineageOS, or any other where there are no restrictions that manufacturers usually put on their ROMs.

Uninstall another version of the same app

Sometimes it happens that when you have a previous or different version of the same application installed when trying to install a more modern version in APK format, Android does not allow it. To solve this problem, all you have to do is uninstall the previous application and install the APK again.

Explanatory video

If you are one of those who prefer to see things before having to read or if you have any specific questions with any of the explanations in this post, in the following video you will be able to clarify your doubts.

If none of the above has helped you (which already surprises me), there is the last solution, it is to install the APK from Android Studio, it will require a little more time, but you can install your APK in practically any case.

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