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It’s Time! 6 Essentials For A Summer-themed Wedding Proposal


Are you planning to propose to your significant other this Summer? There might be good reasons why you choose to propose in a warmer season. For instance, it’s easier to plan trips and take some time off work, so the preparation part can go well.

And speaking of preparations, there are some things you might need to do before you get down on one knee. One of them is to try knowing if this is the right time to propose. You can talk to her family or friends if she ever mentions when she wants to get married. 

Meanwhile, you can just also observe if she’s been giving hints for the past months. For example, she might have mentioned that she wants an Argyle diamond engagement ring or maybe she recently searched for wedding inspirations. 


So if you decide to propose this Summer, then you should check the list of the essentials below!

1. Venue

As a couple, you might have spent a vacation together before. Whether it’s at a beach or on top of a mountain, it’s impossible not to enjoy the thrill of the adventure, and the company of each other. 

Most wedding proposals happen during a getaway, but if she doesn’t know about it, it would be just like the usual trip you do. But as the one who’s doing the preparations, you must pick the best venue for one of the most memorable days of your life.  

Of course, if there’s a beach that you both love or even a go-to lake, then it’ll be romantic to do it there. However, make sure that she doesn’t have any idea of what you’re about to do. 

2. Ring

If you think about it, getting engaged is something that a couple enjoys as they take another step in their relationship. That’s why the Argyle diamond engagement ring is one of the things you shouldn’t forget. 

Sure, you can give her another kind of jewelry as the symbol of your engagement, but having a ring is more romantic. For one, it’s a traditional piece that has been there for decades, and second, it’s every woman’s dream (especially if they watch a lot of romantic comedy movies).

In terms of the specific kind of ring, you should check her current jewelry collection to give you an idea of what to get. If you have more time and budget, you can have the ring personalized if you like. 


3. Plan if it’s a public or private wedding proposal

During the planning process, you should also assess if your significant other would want to have the engagement in private or public. You can casually ask her opinion about a movie scene or a viral video about a public wedding proposal.

However, make it as if you’re just making small talk. Of course, if you’ve been together for a couple of years now, then you might have already discussed the situation. 

Meanwhile, if you think you can pull the act off, then you can also ask her close friends if she mentioned it before. The last resort would be just to think about how she’ll feel. For instance, if she’s a person who doesn’t want any pressure or spotlight on her, then it’s best to keep it private. 

4. Some decorations/ breath-taking scenery

If you’re planning to do it while you’re on a trip, then it’s best if you take advantage of the natural light like the sunrise and sunset. Imagine getting down on one knee on a golden hour while the sunsets and the waves of the ocean serve as your background music. It would be perfect!

On the other hand, if there’s not enough scenery, you can always do it at night with some fireworks or nightlight. Some decorations can always lift the mood and lighten up the ambiance of a romantic wedding proposal. 


5. Keep it a secret

Unless you don’t want a surprise engagement, it’s best if you keep it a secret. However, you can still tell her family and friends about your plan, but don’t get into the details. Remember that it’s more likely to be a successful surprise if only a few people know what’s going to happen. 

More importantly, it would be great if you’ll be the one who will tell her everything you’ve planned, instead of hearing it from other people. 

6. Afterparty

When preparing for the big day, make sure you’re not just prepared for the main event. You’ll also need to think positively and secure a celebration later on. Whether you want to celebrate it just the two of you or with family and friends, planning is necessary. 

Of course, it would look as if you’re 100% sure that she’s going to say yes, but it’s the risk you need to take. Besides, if you think this through, and you know she’s ready to marry you, then there’s nothing to worry about.


Nervous? Well, it’s part of the thrill. But if you know how much you both love each other, then there’s nothing to worry about. Just don’t forget to share with us how you proposed, and what kind of Argyle diamond engagement ring you gave her by commenting below!

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