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Learn 11 Things To remember For Gardening In October

Learn 11 Things To remember For Gardening In October

 11 Things to remember for Gardening in October

In October, when the gardening season is slowly coming to an end, it’s time to get your hands dirty one last time, before the last harvests and winter preparations are made, and the bulbs are planted for the spring.
Given the many tasks to accomplish, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. The following list will show you some things to keep in mind for October:

1) Buy potting soil

In October, many DIY stores and garden centres began to liquidate certain stocks. There are significant discounts since there is a need to free up space for Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, and winter items.
Don’t forget to take this chance by getting some inexpensive potting soil and spare gardening tools if needed for next spring.

2) Protect sunflowers

It’s always nice to taste some sunflower seeds. But once they are wilted, the seeds still have to be left to ripen a little. If you forget to protect sunflowers from predators with old tights or drop cloths, you may be bitterly disappointed.
However, make sure you have a suitable substitute for feeding the birds!
MerkenHarvesting Sunflower Seedschicagonow.com is too funny! effective goal !!! ~ using pantyhose to protect a sunflower seed head from birds (if you specifically want to save some of the seeds for future planting) ~ a friend does well-using hair nets much easier.

3) Nesting material for birds

Even if there is no snow yet and no food shortage, set up bird feeders as early as October. This way, birds can get used to it early and will have a safe place to go in the winter when they are weak.
Birds also appreciate material for building their nests. Bird protection associations recommend animal hair, feathers or wool scraps cut short. They can thus protect themselves well from frost and cold. Longer bristles or threads, however, are not suitable.

4) Pick up fallen fruit

Damaged or rotten fruit is a breeding ground for mould and other pests of trees and gardens. So it’s best to pick them up every day. Smaller products can be placed on the compost, but more significant amounts should be placed at a collection point so that the soil in the compost does not deteriorate.
You can leave apples alone on the ground, so the animals will have something to eat in the garden.

5) plant the hedges

Cuttings can quickly propagate Hedges. Plant them in the fall; it is essential to water the planting area enough so that the cuttings can quickly grow their roots.
And don’t forget that October is a great time to prune hedges and shrubs deep down.

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6) clean the garden furniture

In the fall, it’s time to put your garden furniture away. Clean them one last time carefully and treat them with the corresponding product depending on the type of material so that you can enjoy them again in the spring.

MerkenUse WD-40 on Plastic Furniture to Make it Look New! Grand Little PlaceUse WD-40 on Plastic Furniture to Make it Look New! • Grand Little Place7) Pick the last fruits.
Tomatoes and kiwi fruit should be harvested before frost. Even if they are not yet ripe, they will catch up in the warm.

8) Weed

Many people prefer to hide that they also have to work in the garden in the fall. But this is where it is most important: it is necessary to pull out the weeds so that they do not spread, stir the compost to have good humus in the spring, and make mulches so that the soil is protected and provided in nutrients for the winter.
MerkenKill Weeds With Soil SolarizationThe SpruceKill Weeds With Soil Solarization

9) mow the lawn

Reap the garden one last time in October, but not too short. The advantage of mowing in October is that the lawn has fewer bare spots. Plus, you’ll get rid of dead leaves without having to rake.

10) hedgehog house

Hedgehogs are welcome in the garden because they eat snails and other pests. Leave piles of leaves in some corners of your garden where hedgehogs can hibernate or build a cosy burrow for them.
Be careful when feeding the hedgehogs. For example, they do not tolerate milk at all. Hedgehogs can also get used to too much food, making it difficult to fend for themselves in the spring and assert themselves against other hedgehogs.
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11) turn off the water

Freezing happens faster than you might think, so be sure to shut off any water lines that lead outside. Water from streams and rain chasms must also be diverted.

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