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Learn How to Fix Error Emails Not Opening in Outlook – 2021 Updated Guide

emails not opening in outlook

Fix Error Outlook Not Opening in Windows 10

If you are trapped in a similar situation that my emails not opening in Outlook, you may feel disturbed about the problem. In the following post, you will find out solutions for the common Outlook not opening problems bonus tips to prevent the problems from happening again.

Is Microsoft Outlook on your list of daily use applications? Well, for some, it might not be, but for many, and Especially for corporates and people for whom email is the prime medium for communication, it surely is on such a list.

And if you are encountering the Outlook will not open in Window 10 issue, again and again, then it would not be a hard guess about what you are looking for or searching on the internet.

The potential reasons for the issue of Outlook not getting opened in Windows 10 are fault Outlook Add-ins, corrupt Outlook profile, outdated Office program, problems in the navigation pane, corrupt system files, incorrect account settings, etc.

Why Won’t Outlook Open?

Microsoft Outlook provides a better experience for users. With great functionality, you can manage your email, contacts, calendars, calendars as you like.

However, you might sometimes encounter an error message. Or the Outlook is stuck on your computer screen with the word processing. Probably, the MS Outlook just freezes and stops working when you open it. Here are some reasons why Microsoft Outlook won’t open.

  • The navigation pane problems. The navigation pane for Outlook is on the left side of the Outlook Window, comprised of a folder list and menu items such as E-Mail, contacts, calendars, and Notes. Actually, you can personalize the navigation pane but it can sometimes lead to Outlook not open.
  • Faulty add-in. another cause of the Outlook not opening error may be outdated or defective add-ins, which will freeze Outlook when incorporated into the system.
  • Defective Outlook profile. Most of the time, Outlook will not open even when you try it in safe mode. This happens because your personal folders list (PST file) might be faulty.

A standard personal folders file is already there when you start Outlook but you can also create some files by yourself to have a backup copy of emails you archive.

You have known the reasons why won’t Outlook open, then you can scroll to explore methods to fix the Outlook not opening problems.

How to Fix Outlook Not Opening?

If you are figuring out how to fix Outlook not opening error, you will find several possible solutions. The best part is that you are spoiled for choice because some are quick to implement while others are time-consuming. This section introduces a solution that you can use when Outlook 2016 or Outlook 2013is not opening.

Defective Add-Ins While in the safe mode

People personalize Outlook to enhance its appearance and functionality by incorporating ass-ins. As a result of this, if you see Outlook 2013 signature not opening, probably it’s because of these add-ins. Outlook signature not opening normally shouldn’t be a big problem because your best option is to start it in safe mode and make sure that you disable add-ins. Here are the solutions you can follow.

  • First of all, you should press the Window icon + R. Then in the dialog box, type in Outlook / Safe, and confirm with the Enter or OK.
  • If the profile dialog opens, choose the standard settings and confirm OK again.

Outlook will now start in the safe mode without add-ins. This helps you to identify ass-ins that are preventing Outlook from opening normally. The important thing is to complete the following solution to identify these add-ins.

  • In the top left of the Outlook Window, click File and then Options.
  • On the left side of the Outlook Window, select add-ins, and click Go.
  • You can deactivate all add-ins by clearing the checkboxes, and clicking OK.
  • Lastly, close the Outlook Window.

If you restart it successfully, it will show you that one or more add-ins are defective now, it’s time to uncover them by the elimination process.

  • On the left side of the Outlook Window, choose the file and options. Select and enable one after the other of each of the add-ins. Close Outlook and restart it after each reactivation.
  • Is Outlook not opening links? If this happens after a recently reactivated add-in, then it indicates that a particular add-in is the defective one.
  • In such a case, go into safe mode to deactivate and uninstall the add-in to ensure your Outlook performs normally.

Enable Work Offline

The work offline option allows you to access mail that you’ve saved before Outlook stopped working.

Open Outlook and check for the Working Offline status at the button of the window. If you don’t see work offline, it means the features is disable. To enable work offline on your Windows PC, select Send/Receive > Work offline.

For Mac, select Outlook on the menu bar and then select Work Offline. 

Update Outlook

By default, Outlook installs updates automatically, but you can manually enable to disable these updates via your office Account settings. You can also check for available updates and install the latest one on your device.

  • To enable automatic updates for Outlook, select File > Office Account.
  • Select Update Options and then select Enables updates in the drop-down menu.
  • To check for and apply updates manually to Outlook, select File and then select office account in the navigation pane.
  • Select Update Option > Update Now.
  • To update Outlook on your Mac, select Help from the menu bar, and then select check for updates.
  • Select Update to download and install any pending updates.

Check Outlook Mail Server Settings

Check your mail server settings to be sure nothing has changed that would affect how Outlook works.

  • Select File > Account Settings> Account Settings.
  • Next, select your email and then select change.

Note: if you use Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, work-provided email address, custom domain email address, Outlook.com or email addresses that end with @live.com, @msn.com, or @hotmail.com, you can’t edit the settings directly. In such cases, Windows manages these settings for you so you can skip this step.

Start Outlook in Safe Mode

Safe mode helps you start Outlook without add-ins, which could be in conflict with the app. This way, you can tell whether the add-in is the cause of the problem or not.

  • Select Start > Run, type Outlook/Safe, and then select
  • Accept the default Outlook setting in the Choose Profile dialog box and then select OK.
  • Enter your password if prompted and then select Accept. You’ll see the Safe Mode label next to your email address when Outlook is in safe Mode.

If Outlook works when in safe mode, disable all your add-ins and then restart the app.

  • To disable add-ins in Outlook, select File > Options> Add-ins.
  • Check whether the manage box at the bottom of the view and manage Office add-ins shows COM Add-ins.
  • Select Go.
  • If the COM Add-ins listing opens, take a screenshot of the property sheet and save the image or record each selected add-in listed under Available Add-ins. Once this is done, clear all the select checkboxes and then select OK.
  • Select File > Exit, right-click Start > Run, type Outlook in the box, and press Enter.
  • Next, select File > Options > Add-ins.


Re-enable the add-in you want by selecting the box next to it and repeat this step until you have re-enabled all the original add-ins and found the source of the error.

Create a New Profile

Your Outlook profile contains your Outlook settings. If the profile is corrupted, you can create a new profile and make it the default profile used when Outlook starts.

  • In Windows, Select Start > Control panel, search for Mail, and select it.
  • Select show profiles.
  • Select Add in the Mail Setup – Outlook dialog box.
  • Type the name you want to use for the new profile in the Profile Name box.
  • In the Add Account Wizard, fill in your Name, Email address, and Password under Email Account on the Auto Account Setup page.
  • Select Finish and you’ll find your new profile’s name added in the Mail dialog box under the General tab.
  • Next, select prompt for a profile to be used under when starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profile and then select Ok.
  • Restart Outlook and select the new profile name you created in the drop-down list in the choose profile you created in the drop-down list in the choose profile dialog box. Select Ok and check if Outlook starts normally with the new profile name.

Note Backup your data files before removing your old profile because selecting Remove means all your offline cached content will be deleted.

Recommendation When Nothing Works

Now, you will see an efficient application which can fix errors where emails not opening in Outlook even without Outlook installation in your system. SysTools provides an excellent Outlook Recovery software helps you in opening your emails in Outlook. It can fix severely damaged or inaccessible PST file without any data loss. This tool provides 100% data safety. It can also recover data 1encrypted PST file (password protected) without ant loss.

Install and Run the download software on your Window system. As you open the utility, you will see an add file option in the left top corner in the software window. Here you can add your damaged PST file or files. Note that, the application can repair multiple Outlook PST files from your system at once. The second important thing to be noted is, you can load n number of PDF files of any size even without installing Microsoft Outlook in your system. You will see many other advanced features while running the tool.

Step by Step Instruction to Fix Emails Not Opening in Outlook

Complete the process for the solution to Emails not opening in Outlook

  • First, Download & Run this software into your device.
  • After this, search or browse PST files into software.
  • The, preview PST files with attributes and click on Export.
  • Select Radio button and convert PST file.


After considering user’s query what to do when Outlook data cannot be found and looking for the solution to recover deleted emails in Outlook. In this technical write-up, we have illustrated two approaches through which a user easily access their Outlook without facing kind of problem.

So now, hope you are relieved. This blog discussed a perfect solution to fix an error Emails not opening in Outlook. Now you might have got a proper answer for what to do when ScanPST does not work? This reliable and efficient software discussed in the above section will help you to recover your deleted emails in Outlook which is inaccessible in Your Outlook installation in the user system. It is the best Scanpst.exe alternative

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