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Logo Design Tips That Will Make Your Brand Pop

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Branding is more important than ever, especially in a crowded digital marketplace. People are bombarded with hundreds of thousands of images every day, so you need to find ways to make your brand stand out. It takes a person seeing your logo 5-7 times before they will remember and connect it with a business, which means that you can’t rely on customers interacting with your brand once. That’s why your logo is so important. Luckily, you can do this whether you are using a logo generator or designing it yourself. Here are some tips that will help your brand pop.

Consider How You Want Your Audience to Feel

Your brand is an expression of the culture and business ethos that your company wants to convey. Do you need to find a way for your logo to properly express that vibe while also bringing out feelings in your audience? Do you want them to feel trust towards you? Maybe you want to give off youthful exuberance. It could be that you want to seem high-class. Whatever it is, you need to identify how you want people to feel about your company before you start creating a logo. Logo design is certainly about attractiveness, but it’s also about feeling.


Think about the most famous brands in the world and their logos. From Coca-Cola to Nike, their logos do not have extra flashes and details. They are simple, direct, and immediately recognizable. You may think your logo looks great with many colors, forms, and varying angles, but it can be distracting to the viewer. They may not even notice the most important aspects, such as your company’s name. Keep it to a single image, with a single word if you want. Empty space is okay, as it can help highlight the logo and make it stand out.

You Should Have Different Versions

As you grow your business, you will most likely want to spread your brand as far as you can. This means that your logo will start showing up on various types of materials in different types of formats. If your logo is specifically designed to look good on a business card, it may not translate well to your website or on a billboard. You should also develop a black and white version for certain ads. For the different versions, you should have also included the file type that it is saved as. You should have a .jpeg, a .png, and a vectorized version to suit all of your needs. Make sure as well to change the size of your logo as you design it to make sure that it looks good no matter how big it is.

Take Your Time Choosing the Font

It can be tempting to either choose any font and call it a day or to find one that’s unique and hope that it makes an impression. However, the right font can evoke the feelings that we were talking about earlier. The wrong font can be distracting and, in some cases, hard to read. Make sure to keep things simple with your font, but take time to choose one that complements your brand’s personality and the feelings you want to bring out in your audience. If you can’t find just the right font, then your logo maker might be able to help you design a custom one.

Take all the time you need for logo design. Since it is going to be the first experience many people have with your brand, you need to make sure that it is just right. Remember these tips to help you create the best logo design possible. You can take help from logo design valley professional logo design company, for your logo design.

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