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Major Warning Signs of Having Bed Bugs in Your Brisbane Home

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It is not necessary to be an expert investigator to discover irregularities. You could feel scratchy when you wake up or notice strange flecks on your mattress or sheets. You may not always want to hear what these tiny clues are trying to tell you. The earlier you become aware of a bedbug infestation, though, the better.

Understanding and being familiar with early warning signs of bed bug infestation is very important if you think they may have infected your house.

This article will offer you a basic notion of when to seek expert confirmation of these bed insect symptoms in order to be convinced if bed bugs are present.

Learn the most telling indications of a bedbug infestation so that you can call the local bed bug pest control agency as soon as possible:


  • First, double-check for any other likely reasons.
  • Mysterious crimson or rust-coloured bloodstains
  • May show up as tiny splotches or streaks on linens, clothes, or cushions.

Despite the fact that we don’t detect bed bugs when they are feeding on us, they don’t always escape harm.

A bed bug initially has a flat, seed-like look that transforms into a spherical, bloated shape that resembles a little football as it becomes engorged with blood. You risk accidentally crushing or squeezing a bed bug that has just completed eating if you quickly move or shift in your sleep.

It doesn’t generally kill them, but it can make some of the blood they just ate flow out, leaving a glaring crimson or rust mark.

Check your body to see if there are any cuts or scabs that may be the source of any stains that appear to be blood before looking for them on your linens, clothing, or pillow. The bloodstain may have been left behind by an unfortunate bed bug if there is no other reason for it.


  • The arms, hands, and legs are the most often affected areas by bites; they are little, red, itchy pimples that inexplicably arise at night.
  • Occurs occasionally as lines of three or four bites (the so-called “breakfast, lunch, and dinner” pattern)
  • The discovery of unexplained insect bites upon awakening is frequently seen as the first indication of bed bugs.

Insects known as bed bugs are nocturnal and prefer to feast on human blood at night. As a result, throughout the night, exposed flesh frequently gets bitten. The arms, hands, and legs are where persons are frequently bitten.

Bites alone, meanwhile, are not sufficient to identify a bed bug infestation, according to pest management experts. This is because each individual’s response to bed bug bites can vary greatly, making it impossible to tell bed bug bites from those of other insects. Actually, a startling 30% of people who get bed bug bites don’t even experience any skin symptoms.

The most typical sign of bed bug bites, while everyone responds differently, are little clusters of red, itching pimples. The “breakfast, lunch, and dinner” pattern, as some people like to call it, refers to how bed bug bites typically occur in lines or tiny clusters of three. Bed bug bites can, however, also show up as a single bite or in haphazard patterns.

Bed bug bites are generally not harmful and do not spread any confirmed diseases, as a side note. The saliva of bed bugs contains several compounds that might cause allergic responses in some people. After being bitten, you should seek medical assistance if you have intense itching, painful swelling, blisters, a fever, or flu-like symptoms. Search for ‘bed bug services near me’ if you wake up with similar marks on your body every day.

Faecal Marks

  • Tiny, pen-tip-sized dots in dark brown or black that are larger than that
  • On linens and garments, they are also frequently seen in harborage locations.
  • After washing, there are dark streaks on the cloth that resemble magic marker stains.

Bed bug faecal markings, or “faecal spotting,” are smaller and darker than the bloodstains we saw before.

These little, black specks resemble the tip of a pen or marker with ink. They are typically between two and four times the size of a comma.

Blood stains can occasionally result straight from bed insect bites. Blood coagulation is prevented while bed bugs are fed by an anticoagulant in their saliva. The bite wounds may continue to bleed for a short period after they have finished their prey.

Faecal stains are the result of bed bug excretions, which contain digested human blood. Because it includes iron, the digested blood has a dark brown or black appearance and emits a little rusty stench that adds to the overall disagreeable scent of a bed bug infestation.

Faeces from bed bugs can found on a variety of surfaces, including sheets, pyjamas, mattresses, headboards, box springs, walls, and curtains. They are typically in great numbers around bed bug harborages and hiding spots.

The faeces of bed bugs can be very challenging to remove from cloth. They smear distinctively in water, looking like magic marker stains.


  • Oval-shaped, pinhead-sized, pearly white, loosely adhered to a variety of surfaces.
  • Typically located close to bed bug breeding grounds

The eggs laid by pregnant female bed bugs range from 1 to 7 every day, and they usually hatch 7 to 10 days later.

Bed bug eggs have an ovular form, are pearly white in colour, and are around 1 millimetre long. They look like rice grains that have been reduced to the size of a pinhead.

Eggs may be seen with the unaided eye, but unless you know what you’re looking for, it might be challenging to identify them. Each egg has a hinged cover at the end from which the newly hatched beg bug emerges. More than five-day-old bed bug eggs have a black eye spot, although this is only visible under a microscope.

Finding eggs should be it for you. You should Google ‘affordable bed bug control brisbane’ or ‘bed bug specialist near me’ the minute you find bed bug eggs.


  • An odd musty smell with no discernible explanation
  • Many times, the aroma of raspberries, coriander, cilantro, or almonds used to compare bed insect pheromones.
  • Rust, damp towels and mouldy clothing are odours that might come from a bad bed bug infestation.

Occasionally, our sense of smell is the first indication that anything is off. If you smell a strange, musty smell in your bedroom that doesn’t appear to come from a noticeable source, such as a mountain of dirty clothing, it might be a bed bug infestation.

In reaction to disturbance or threat, bed bugs release “alarm” pheromones. Some of the scents that these pheromones create include a hint of sweetness or mustiness. The fragrance compared to raspberries, coriander, cilantro, or almonds by those who have personally encountered it.

Typically, pheromones have a very weak scent that is virtually undetectable to the human nose. You have virtually little chance of smelling the raspberry-like perfume that bed bugs release unless you’re a trained dog that can sniff out bed bugs.

The stench of dead bed bugs shed shell casings, and bed bug faeces are all mingled with the scent of bed bug pheromones when many bed bugs are cohabitating. As the infestation worsens, the resultant odour is disagreeable and rusty.

The odour usually proves to be the least trustworthy of the early indications of bed bugs. The reason for this is that bed bugs’ stench is too undetectable for humans to detect when there are only a few of them around. Even if you catch a fragrance, you can mistake it for something different because most people aren’t familiar with bed insect scents or infestations.

Hope you are able to get rid of the issue once and for all.

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