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Make Heads Turn with these Diamond Pendant and Chain

You don’t really need a reason to sparkle. The magic of love, commitment, and independence give you plenty of reasons to celebrate. Diamond pendants and chains are just one way to say the same thing. Be it love for yourself or for any lovely lady in life, the most popular and acceptable way of expressing it is in the language of diamonds. No one can ever deny that women and diamonds have always been friends, and this bond will last forever.

Diamond pendants and chains let the lady sparkle in all seasons. Be it her special day or any festive day, the diamond around her neck makes heads turn. We know she loves to sway this way. This is why we have compiled a list of the best designs from the vast range of diamond pendants and chains by Mia by Tanishq. The even better news is that these necklaces come in surprising price ranges, and the designs are simply flawless.

Sparkling Diamond Pendant and Chain Set In 14kt Yellow Gold

The chain and pendant set seen here is a perfect illustration of how true inspiration never goes out of style. The 14kt yellow gold polish on the chain is stunning. The pendant is made of beautiful yellow gold and has cut diamonds all over it. No matter what you pair this pretty set with, it will make you look better because it is a very elegant and sophisticated accessory.

14-Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant and Chain for Shining Days

This pendant has a chain and two large, beautiful diamonds in square gold frames. Although you can wear this item with some ethnic clothing, such as Kurtis, it works particularly well with western clothing.

14 Karat Yellow Gold Ripples Diamond Pendant and Chain

A cut-out oval pendant with wave-like patterns and a band of prong-set diamonds hangs from the cable chain’s end. Wear this pendant and chain with your preferred kurta or dress shirt.

14 Karat Rose Gold & Diamond Pendant and Chain: “Catch Me If You Can.”


This pendant has a gold band with diamond-studded petals surrounding a core diamond blossom. It can complement professional clothing well. Additionally, you can use it for an after-work party!

Apple Of My Eye 14-Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant and Chain

This pendant has a diamond flower in the middle that is surrounded by three triangle-shaped gold beams. Then, there is a smaller triangle-shaped piece with diamonds on it. Wear this with a party dress or even with business wear.

Diamond Pendant and Chain In 14kt Yellow Gold, Concentric Dreams

 This trendy pendant has a single row of diamonds that go around a structure that looks like a flower and is also covered in diamonds. The pendant has a tribal design and a gold finish. Both kurtis and saris, as well as festive western clothing, complement this outfit wonderfully.

14 Karat Rose Gold and Diamond Pendant and Chain with Resplendent Flower Pendant Design

With this stunning pendant by Mia by Tanishq, you can be the sun everywhere you go. This necklace and pendant have a huge central diamond that represents the flower’s bud, followed by petals made of the gold setting and a row of petals made of smaller diamonds. Put this on to complement any festive attire. You can wear this item to any traditional or cultural event, and it looks excellent with a sari.

If You Have an Eye for A Diamond, You Will Love These Designs

Mia by Tanishq has a fantabulous collection of diamond pendants that come with chains. The designs will, needless to say, make you swoon. Their collection is vast, and the clarity and cut of the diamond necklace are unmatched. Check out their collection in their store or on their web page and grace your collection with their timeless designs.

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