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Muslim-Friendly Halal Food Restaurants in Hanoi

Hanoi is known for its extensive food culture, but halal dining isn’t something that many eateries and restaurants here are aware of.

This doesn’t mean that Muslim tourists have to stick to a vegetarian meal while they’re here, however. Below, we’ve listed 5 five halal establishments that are located in Hanoi featuring Vietnamese, south Asian along middle eastern cuisine to check out.

1. d’Lions Restaurant

D’lions restaurant is situated in le duan street. The restaurant features a contemporary and cozy interior with views of the Hanoi railway station. Because of its location, it draws lots of patrons. In these halal restaurants, you will are not just able to taste Singaporean and Malaysian dishes like barbecued beef, grilled fish along with mango sauce, spring roll, and porridge of frogs, but you are also able to enjoy halal food only. To be used in Islam. The dishes are prepared in accordance with Islamic food processing rules. Islamic food processing guidelines as mentioned earlier. However, d’lions restaurant offers professional and high-end services, such as delivery and travel. They also have a friendly and helpful staff.

2. Dalcheeni restaurant

Actually, dal daleneeni is actually the name of a spice that is known as cinnamon in a few regions around the globe. In this restaurant for fine dining foodies can taste authentic Indian royal cuisine. An excellent example of this is Indian kababs and curries provided in royal chronicles. After visiting this exclusive eatery, guests can start their meal with food cooked with techniques that were handed down from the Mauryan dynasty (300bc) and improved over time – clay stoves as well as coal.

On the menu at dalcheeni restaurant, you will find plenty of dishes that you could not resist. In particular, such dishes as dal shorbedar, tamatar tulsi shorba, allahabadi samosa, Hara kabab, murgh ke parche, shammi kabab, paneer tikka, etc. With great food, excellent service, and a reasonable price make sure that you do not just visit dalcheeni restaurant one time and then be back for more while eating delicious food in dalcheeni.

3. Red House Restaurant

Red house is a chain of restaurants in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. They are specialized in Singaporean food and seafood in particular. Why is it classified among the top halal restaurant in Hanoi? This is due to the wide variety of meals that are considered national meals of Singapore like chili crab, frog congee, black pepper crab, and many other dishes that are typical of Singapore. Particularly, the majority of Singaporean food is made by Singaporean chefs who are skilled in techniques of cooking and all the ingredients are top quality.

So, if you’re searching for a top restaurant that provides unique, fascinating dining encounters, the red house is a great option.

4. Halal Grill & Gravy restaurant

If halal food lovers aren’t not taking advantage of the delicious food at halal grill & gravy eatery this would be an utter mistake. Halal grill & gravy restaurant is definitely worth trying while you’re in the capital city of Vietnam. If you’re seeking a place that offers excellent food and outstanding customer service halal grill & gravy restaurant is an excellent option. Halal grill & gravy restaurant is situated in the heart of Hanoi’s downtown, grill & gravy is one of the most popular multi-cuisine restaurants offering Indian, middle eastern, and Chinese food. They are available at home in Hanoi without needing to travel hundreds of miles.

Since halal grill & gravy restaurant uses halal-approved ingredients, you’ll never be disappointed by the food served at this restaurant. It is recommended to try chicken tikka masala rogan josh, chicken shahi korma. A day spent eating at grill & gravy is a fantastic way to taste authentic Muslim food in Hanoi.

5. Nan N Kabab

Explore afghani, Pakistani, and middle eastern flavors in nan n kebab. This unique restaurant that is halal will impress you with authentic halal cuisine. Because of the lush vegetation and the vines, this restaurant impresses guests with its relaxed and comfortable ambiance.

The menu at nan n kabab is quite easy. It includes grilling kebabs and cooked nuan. They are extremely popular with the Muslim community, and also foreigners and will surely delight you. Other options to explore are barbecued meat freshly made nan bread karahi food, cold and hot appetizers cold and hot drinks, as well as a wide range of choices from the ala carte menu. Furthermore, the competitive prices have made nan n kabab become a popular restaurant for tourists visiting Hanoi.

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