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Packing Tips for Damage-Free Household Transportation

Packing Tips for Damage-Free Household Transportation

Household transportation is not a simple task as it seems to be. Because a person requires to pack the entire household items to relocate home safely. And, packing the goods is not easy. You will have to spend a few days packing the items, if not taking the assistance of professional movers and packers.

Movers are the experts, who know how to pack goods in the right way. Also, they are experienced that they can do it in just a few hours. They can help you to do it properly. It is said that packing is a vital phase of the household transportation process. And movers and packers are the experts of it. They know the right tricks and techniques of packing the goods, including all the fragile and furniture. So, you need not worry about the safety of your possessions when you are moving with a professional house shifting service provider.

But if you are planning to do it yourself, then make sure you are well aware of the right packing and moving tricks. Even a single mistake can cost you a lot. Hence, be careful and plan your move accordingly. A house contains several goods and every item is of different nature. While packing them, you need to understand their nature and pack accordingly. And if you have no idea about this, then simply count on a reliable house shifting company in India.

For those, who have planned to relocate by themselves, we have some amazing packing tips for you all. These tips will lead to a successful and damage-free household transportation experience. Just follow the packing tips:-

Less is Best

Whether it’s about carrying loads or paying the moving fees, less is always best. If you carry less goods, then your movers will charge you less. Moving companies determine the moving cost based on the volume of the goods. Also, the shipment delivery time depends on the same. That’s why it is essential to carry only the important goods. Do not move with the goods that you don’t use or will not use in your new house.

Use Bubble Wrap for Small Fragile Items

Buying bubble wrap may ruin your budget. Hence, use them only to wrap small, fragile items. This way, you can prevent your valuable items without spending too much. Bubble wraps are the best packing materials to prevent any items from getting damaged. All the small delicate items like idols, photo frames, and showpieces should be wrapped safely with bubble wrap.

Use Small Blankets or Towels for Big Fragile Items

As we already said, using bubble wrap to pack big items can ruin your budget. But that doesn’t mean you will not secure your big, fragile items. To prevent the big delicate items like TV, Microwave, etc. use your small blankets and towels. Also, it can prevent your furniture from getting nicked or damaged during the move. Just have clean and soft blankets and cover your big, fragile items and furniture.

Use Disposable to Pack Dishes/Plates

You must not be wanted to damage your expensive or imported crockery set during a household move. So, what you can do to save them during transportation. If you have its original box, then use the same to pack them. That will keep the crockery set safe during transportation. And if not, then you can use a simple trick to prevent dishes or plates from damages. For this, you will need disposable plates. Just start placing one disposable over one plate. But before keeping them inside an empty box, fill the box with papers because the box needs to be cushioned. Then safely place the dishes inside the box.

Do Not Overload Boxes

The ‘Mul Mantra’ of safe household transportation is to not overload the boxes. While packing the goods, we often forget the weight of the boxes, which put us into big problems. Due to the heavy load, either the goods spill out from the bottom of the boxes when we lift them, or we injure ourselves while lifting the boxes. Hence, it’s important to keep the weight of the boxes in mind while filling them up. Try to keep their weight not more than 40 pounds to avoid any injury and damages.

Label the Boxes

Labeling your boxes can actually help you prevent the goods from getting damaged. When you will write on the top and the sides of the boxes ‘HANDLE WITH CARE’ in bold letters, then the person who’s handling it will take extra care.

So, these were the packing tips that every relocator must follow to have a safe and damage-free household relocation experience. If you avoid or neglect any of these, you won’t be able to have a safe and smooth move.


No matter how hard you would try, you can never match the level of the work professionals do. Hence, it is advised to hire professional movers and packers services to relocate your home. They ensure safe and damage-free relocation service. You can simply enjoy your move under their supervision. So, either follow the above-discussed packing tips to relocate your home damage-freely or book experienced packers and movers in Pune.

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