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Planning to travel? Here’s why you need to insure your next trip

travel insurance

Travel Insurance:

A travel insurance policy help you from unexpected scenarios while we are traveling. It help you cover the cost of hotel, flight and other expenses. It also help you if any one of you need any medical expenses coverage. This policy help you to decrease most of the risk while traveling. These types of insurance policy are important for those travelers who need protect themselves from uncertain scenarios that can affect their traveling plan.


In last Decade insurance policy becomes very popular. Most of the insured products are extremely affordable. Its suitable for travelers of all ages. Traveling Policy give traveler peace of mind while travelling. It does not matter that you are traveling solo or with a group of friends. There are many insurance policy in your region that meets your need.


It can be very difficult for you to search for travel insurance policy. An ideal policy provides you many coverages for accidents at reasonable cost. Another difficulty in finding the right insurance policy is language barrier many people are not familiar with same language operators. Insurance policy should have 24/7 operators for customer assistance.


Travel Insurance in Pakistan can help you financially if something went wrong during travel. It covers different scenarios such as medical, dental emergencies, loss of money or passport and misplaced luggage. It can be single or multi travel insurance. Some Travel insurance policy offers annual plan that depends on your traveling schedule.

Baggage Covers:


Delayed Baggage:

Mostly traveler faces that their bag sent somewhere else. This can cause unnecessary delay. For such a scenario our travel insurance policy can help you recover the cost of any item that you need to purchase until your lost baggage get to you.


Lost Baggage:

Bag got delayed is another thing but if your bag got lost or stolen it can be difficult to deal such a situation. Our travel insurance policy can help you recover your lost items that are present in your bag.

Medical Coverage:


Medical Emergencies:

Our insurance policy can help accidental or falling ill during travel. This policy covers free medical checkup for regular illness while traveling that requires hospitalization to dental emergencies even fatality in worst cases.

Medical Evacuation:

While traveling if a person or his family member got sick. Our service is responsible to evacuate that patient to the nearest hospital for medical treatment.

Coverage for Covid-19:



Our service also provide free medical treatment if a person is traveling and has symptoms of Covid. Our service help our client for free hospitalization and treatment.

Trip Cancelation:

If you are availing our service and your traveling plan got cancel due to Covid our service provides recovers your expenses that are non refundable. Our insurance policy is responsible for the expenses of hotels.




Journey Coverage:


Delayed Flight:


If your flight got delayed due to bad weather or poor visibility. If it is late for more than 12 hours. for this our travel insurance policy help you take care of all the expenses of hotel.

Extension of Policy:

If you are schedule to travel for more than 18 hours. Your flight got delayed due to bad weather conditions. Our insurance service automatically extends insurance time period for 4-5 days.



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