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Platform Heels and Other Shoes to Wear on Graduation Weekend

Whether you are graduating with an undergraduate degree or a doctorate, commencement is a seminal moment in your academic journey. It is the culmination of all your hard work and perseverance. You celebrate with your loved ones as you walk across the stage and receive your diploma. With all the different activities during graduation weekend, from pictures to parties, you need stylish footwear that can take your looks over the top. Shoes can complete your graduation look and help you create a memorable outfit for a special moment. From platform heels to easygoing slides, here are four footwear styles for graduation weekend.

Grab a Pair of Sandal Wedges for Outdoor Ceremonies

Depending on where your ceremony is held, commencement might be hosted outdoors. When you don your robe, you want shoes that fit the warm weather and joyous atmosphere of the occasion. A pair of sandal wedges is a great choice. Strappy and colorful sandals can help give you a lighthearted aesthetic that fits with the fresh air and sunshine of an outdoor ceremony. Look for a tall pair of wedges with colors that mesh well with your robe for an outfit that will be noteworthy when you walk across the stage.

Stick to the Platform Heels Indoors

On the flip side, your commencement might be held inside an arena, concert hall, or event center. In this case, you can add some class and sophistication to your cap and gown with a pair of platform heels. Black platform heels are sleek and go well with most graduation gowns, no matter the color. On the other hand, you can try out something more colorful that will stand out and contrast with your robes. Your shoes provide the perfect opportunity to show off your unique style and personality during the ceremony, so why not try something more vibrant? Look for platform heels that match your style, whether it’s a pair of hot pink platforms or green platform sandals.

Wear Your Favorite Dress Pumps for Graduation Pictures

There will be plenty of photography sessions on graduation day and throughout the whole weekend. This is the perfect time to pull out your dress pumps. These are a little more casual than your platform heels but still look great in your pictures. You’ll be taking pictures in your cap and gown, but probably also in different clothes for the weekend. The right pair of pumps can look just as good with jeans or slacks as they do with your graduation apparel.

Ready to Celebrate? Slip Into Some Easygoing Slides

Now that it’s finally time to sit back and relax, you can slip into your favorite pair of fashion slides. You’ve done all the hard work—now it’s time to party. Whether you are going to a barbecue, sitting down for a movie at home, or treating yourself to a personal spa night, there are many different ways to celebrate your achievements. Slides can be the best footwear for your celebration, no matter what you do. It is time to treat yourself and look good doing it.

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