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Practical Guide for Fixing QuickBooks Error 404

QuickBooks Update Error 404

When the program fails to sync with Intuit servers, the ‘QuickBooks error 404’ appears. It is more important to find out the probable cause of this problem in order to avoid it happening again. This article will explain the reasons and solutions to the ‘Quickbooks update error 404.’

What causes the ‘QuickBooks error code 404’ problem?

The occurrence of ‘QuickBooks error 404’ may be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • In the event that any installation, modification, or software update results in the corruption or destruction of QuickBooks-related files.
  • If your computer is attacked with a virus or malware, it might result in damaged Windows files or QuickBooks data.
  • This issue may also occur if the system’s windows registry becomes corrupted as a result of modifications such as QuickBooks installation or uninstallation.
  • If the installation or download of QuickBooks is incomplete or faulty, an error like this is likely to occur.


Techniques for resolving the issue of QuickBooks update 404

Error 404 is a run-time error that may be addressed by following a few steps. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most successful solutions for resolving the ‘QuickBooks update error code 404.’ Let’s have a look at them one by one:


Method 1: Rejigging the system settings

The first approach you might do is to change the system settings. Changing the system settings involves these steps for fixing QuickBooks error 404:

Launch the QuickBooks program and the business files first. Start the procedure from the point where the error was last observed. Close QuickBooks later after logging out of the business file.

The next step is to update Windows and reboot the computer. In addition, you must go to internet explorer, choose the tools menu and then opt for Select Internet Options.


What changes to make in Internet Explorer?

Start by selecting internet selection in Internet Explorer. 

  • Now, comes the essential step. After selecting the advanced tab, navigate to the Options. 
  • Now, shut all applications and save the data.
  • After that, you’ll have to shut all of your applications and save the data.
  • Then press Windows + R, enter MSConfig, then click the OK key.
  • In the Run box, input MSConfig.
  • If you have done then go to the system setup screen and select general.
  • Then go to the startup selection page and prefer the selected startup. Hit the OK button at the same time and restart the system.


Method 2: Checking the internet connection speed

  • Using a screenshot to check the internet speed
  • If the first technique does not work, check your internet speed. The Quickbooks update error 404 due to internet speed can be resolved by following the listed steps:
  • Take a snapshot of the bandwidth latency.
  • To do so, open Internet Explorer and a commonly visited website.
  • Also, if you have trouble accessing the URL, consider refreshing your internet settings and trying again.
  • If the notice “Page can’t be shown” still shows, turn off and on the wireless router, then visit the URL again.
  • The following step is to restart the computer and try once again.
  • Make Internet Explorer the primary browser.

If the problem continues at the conclusion of the procedure, contact your ‘QuickBooks Payroll support.


In this post, we’ve attempted to summarise the facts connected to the ‘QuickBooks error code 404.’ We also anticipate that after carefully reading the text, you will be able to correctly fix the issue.

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