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Get your Dream Job with our Professional CV Help Be the candidate of choice WOW your new employers with a CV that cuts through the noise, making.

Get your Dream Job with our Professional CV Help

Be the candidate of choice

WOW your new employers with a CV that cuts through the noise, making you stand out!

Are you fed-up with being ghosted after sending applications to employers?

Feel confused and rejected every time you receive that dreaded ‘no thank you’ email?

Stop this cycle today and get your CV into a place of power and influence to convert the reader into buying YOU!

“I’ve lost count of how many jobs I’ve applied for”

“I am tired of endlessly applying for jobs”

“When am I going to get that call to an interview”

“I want to progress in my career but my CV isn’t targeted enough”

“I spend time re-writing my CV and staring at a blank screen wondering what am I doing wrong”

It is time to break this cycle and get your documents into a place of power and influence with our CV help.

First impressions are formed within seconds – I know, I have read and interviewed thousands of candidates over the last 20 years. Let’s get you set up for success!

Did you know 8 out of 10 leadership clients go on to secure interviews within 3 weeks of hiring our services?
Your CV is not just an endless list of tasks, filled with responsibilities; it is a moment to connect with the end-user and light up their curiosity to excite and engage them with your profile.

In a sea of sameness, don’t be the fish – be the shark!!

When I was interviewing Store Managers in London a few years ago, I’d be handed a pile of 30+ CV’s and would typically invite 3 or 4 people. Today applications to a similar role can be upwards of 100 – imagine being the hiring Manager and reading ALL of those CV’s – there is no doubt, you simply must stand out.

  • Retail and More!
  • Director of all roles
  • Head of all roles
  • General Manager
  • All Merchandising
  • All Marketing
  • All Visual Merchandising
  • All Human Resources
  • All Operations
  • All Finance
  • All Field based
  • All Store based
  • Hospitality
  • Administration
  • Legal
  • Social Care
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Graduates
  • Entertainment
  • Media

We are not a CV factory that churn out pre-written documents.

Everything is bespoke and perfectly tailored to you. We bring out your personality on paper to actually connect with the reader – so you get the interview.

Why our CV help will serve you

You want to be invited to more interviews and you want to land your next role in a timeframe that suits your needs.

You desire a new position, you want to secure that next level salary.

You are ready to be seen and hired!

Kayleigh takes the time to understand your business background and picks out personality traits to weave this into the narrative, creating an incredible strong visualisation of how you work and who you are.

We build up your CV from the ground, a blank page. We never use generic statements and we ensure that every word counts.

Our professional CV service will help you on your way much faster than going it alone.

We are continually rated 5 stars on Google and enjoy serving a wide spectrum of retail professionals, including all store teams, field teams and corporate support functions such as Merchandising, HR, Operations, Marketing, Finance and more.

Hiring someone to do the heavy lifting who has been on both sides of the fence – as a recruiter and a candidate will yield you the best outcome. Choose your professional CV help bundle today.

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