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Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Piano Moving Company

Piano Removalists Australia

Moving a piano safely necessitates training, professional expertise, and the proper equipment. It is important to protect pianos both inside and out, regardless of their size or weight. That is why most people search for piano removalists in Brisbane.

Piano Removalists Australia

Professional removalists understand the importance of your cherished piano, which is why they always work to deliver their best. However, because there are plenty of service providers on the market, it makes it difficult to find a professional and reliable service provider.

Some people only look for a man with a van in Brisbane in the mistaken belief that they will move the piano safely. This, unfortunately, is not the case. Having a van does not imply that they are professionals. Always look for experience and what equipment they have to make moving easy and safe before deciding to hire.

Let’s dive in to learn what questions you should ask before you hire a removalist.

How many years of experience does your specialist have?

As we have stated earlier, moving the piano requires expertise. It’s never a good idea to entrust piano moving to a novice, let alone try to move it yourself. Even movers with decades of experience may not always have the necessary equipment or expertise to transport pianos. Look for a company that has at least a few years of experience and at least 30 piano moves under its belt, and make sure they specialise in this field.

How will the piano be moved?

Any moving company with the necessary equipment can claim to employ specialised piano movers. The best way to find out is to ask how the movers intend to transport the piano from point A to point B.

Professional piano movers will have three to five assistants on hand. They will not, however, simply lift and move the piano by hand. They’ll ask the client about the piano’s shape, size, and weight, as well as gather enough information about the job to make an informed decision about how to move the instrument safely. This usually necessitates the use of specialised equipment and techniques rather than brute force.

How do you carry out the logistic process?

It is beneficial to have a general understanding of how your piano movers will prepare and transport your instrument, even if you aren’t interested in every detail. Understanding the care required for piano shipping provides valuable assurance that the job will be done correctly the first time.

Furthermore, any trustworthy company will gladly provide you with information such as licencing and bonding information, liability coverage, and more. If business representatives appear hesitant to share this information, you should immediately collaborate with another outlet.

Bottom Line: Moving a piano is not an inexpensive task. While looking for competitive pricing is fine, it’s never a good idea to make it the top priority. Hiring independent movers with little to no experience in handling pianos is always a bad idea. It is advisable to interview several companies if necessary, and eliminate any company that refuses to answer basic questions. However, we recommend that you go to Team Removals.

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