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Read More About Mira by Reading The Book Mira

Women should be celebrated every day for the roles they play in their lives. On this women’s day, let us know more about Mira, a brave girl who was forced to make some bold and brave choices in her life. From being a suppressed girl in a village in the hills to being a celebrated businesswoman, this girl’s journey is all that you need to know to get inspired.

About The Book

The book throws light on many aspects of human beings which might be shocking. It shows if you suppress a child’s emotions, what it can do to him. The book also talks about Mira and her struggles in a very simple and relatable manner. The readers get attached to the characters and can identify with them because these characters are like ordinary people who have both good and bad sides. These characters also have dark sides which are exposed in front of the readers. It also points at the issues that plague society like stresses of modern life, patriarchy, homosexuality, and unhappy childhood.

The story shows an angle where a middle-aged woman has spent a decade steeping in guilt and in the hope that her husband will forgive her for the mistakes of her past. The story about Mira who has aced the boardroom discussions in the last twenty years couldn’t manage her relationships well. Mira, the protagonist, runs away from her first marriage so that she can fulfil her dreams. She later builds a successful career and marries Kabir. In the story, the couple celebrates their twentieth anniversary and things go downhill from there. When their eldest son goes missing, the couple has a long and elaborate conversation about their past lives. During this conversation, they revealed the truth and lies. This particular part of the book takes engage the readers and makes them feel empathetic. The readers relate with these characters who are uncertain about their partners.

The Best Part About The Book and About Mira

The book doesn’t have any sugar-coated characters. The characters are realistic and have their own sets of imperfections. The book is well-written and builds an image of the characters by talking about them in detail. You as a reader will feel that you personally know these characters. This is the magic the author has. To give a complete picture of their lives, the author has explained them in detail right from their childhood to their adulthood. The title Mira: Secrets, Masks, Games, and a Marriage is a well-chosen title that gives a glimpse of what the book is all about.

What You Will Love About The Book?

The intense story of a couple who has been married for over 20 years, their dark secrets, the lies, and the truths that people hide so that they can lead a happily married life. The topics like the importance of communication, trust, companionship in a marriage, and one-sided love, are all taken up in the book.

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The most heart-pleasing takeaway from the book and about Mira’s character is that the family sticks together no matter what the circumstances are. The times of adversity might create some tensions but cannot shake the foundation of the family. The book is an emotional one and if you enjoy such emotions you should give it a read.

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