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Rejuvenate And Lift Your Face Using PDO Thread Lift Treatment

Ageing can lead to wrinkles and sagging skin, which can develop into nose to mouth lines which can result in jowls. If an invasive surgical facelift is not for you, then a non-surgical treatment is the solution. More of us are looking for treatments to lift and rejuvenate the face using non-invasive treatments and Thread Lifts Treatment can deliver this and give you excellent results.

They are ideal to use on:


  • Sagging jowls
  • Eye bags
  • Drooping upper eyebrows

The procedure will lift your face at targeted points, stimulating ongoing collagen and elastin production, which will make your skin feel and look firmer. The treatment will smooth wrinkles, tighten your skin and define the jaw line, creating a gentle, rejuvenating lift and giving you natural-looking results. After a topical anaesthetic cream gets applied, a very fine needle will insert the threads into the areas that need lifting. The threads discreetly hold repositioned skin and facial tissue in place after the procedure, and as there aren’t any cuts or incisions, there’s no scarring. The treatment takes 45-60 minutes.

The advantages of having PDO thread lift treatment include:


  • The results are instant
  • Improvement of the skin’s texture and tone
  • Increase of collagen production
  • No cuts or incisions
  • Skin tightening
  • There are no visible signs of the treatment
  • Minimal down time
  • The procedure has a high safety profile
  • The treatment is simple and relatively fast

PDO thread lift treatment uses simple injections, placed just underneath the surface of the skin in strategic places, without making any cuts or incisions. They are special threads, made from the same material as surgical sutures which after a while will dissolve inside the body. These threads have been safely used in heart surgery for many years.

The threads are extremely versatile, and will give amazing results around the face and neck. They can treat vertical and horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, sagging brows, drooping cheeks, a sagging jaw line, neck folds and wrinkles on the chin.

When they’re injected they create three effects:


  • They lift the skin
  • Tighten the skin by promoting collagen and elastin.
  • They will smooth out the skin by promoting hyaluronic acid, which improves hydration/moisturisation of the skin.

The PDO thread lift procedure can treat either all of your face, or just partial areas, depending on your needs and it will combine beautifully with dermal filler. Wrinkles will ease and crêpe-like skin will look more youthful. The results deliver a naturally attractive, subtle lift, that will give a refreshed, rejuvenated youthful look.

If you need help choosing a cosmetic procedure, we provide an extensive range of cosmetic procedures for the face and body: Botox, Vaser Lipo, Lip Augmentation, Dermal Fillers and many more treatments, to help create a younger, slimmer, more youthful looking you!

In our youth, the skin on our face is smooth and taut, with a smooth contour where the cheek meets the chin and strong definition at the jaw line. But as we age, collagen is lost, which makes the skin less elastic, and gravity will gradually start to pull the loose skin downwards, resulting in jowls appearing at the lower face. This will cause the skin around the cheeks to become thinner, making us look older.

Well, what options can we take to rectify this?

We can go for a facelift… this is going to be a painful and costly experience with a good deal of down time. You also have to think of the psychology with this option with having to undergo a general anesthetic.. is it worth the risk for something cosmetic?

We can use Dermal Fillers to add volume, create cheekbones and give the skin a gentle lift. This has always been a good option for people who don’t want a surgical procedure. Dermal fillers last up to one year depending on lifestyle… if you party hard, they might last a lot less. Dermal fillers can give instant results and you can return to work the next day with no one the wiser, just curious to know how you look so fresh and rejuvenated!

Another solution that can get great results, are PDO threads.The PDO thread lift treatment has a dual effect. Firstly, they give an immediate lift to sagging skin and secondly they stimulate the body’s own collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The threads don’t need removing from the body as they are absorbable. They can either be used as a stand-alone treatment or used along with Botox and fillers to get a fantastic result.

The skin gets numbed with a local anesthetic and the threads are then injected under the skin in strategic places, forming a matrix of threads that will lift and rejuvenate the skin. Some threads are so fine they are like hairs, the stronger threads are thicker and have small barbs on them that will attach to the skin and give a good lifting result.

The threads, which are the same as those used for many years in open heart surgery, gradually dissolve over the next few months. While the threads remain under the skin, they cause collagen to form by stimulating the fibroblasts and this will also improve skin tone and radiance.

The procedure is almost painless with little downtime. You might experience the odd bruise, but these can easily be covered with light make up.

PDO threads are ideal to treat;


  1. Forehead wrinkles
  2. Sagging eyebrows
  3. Lower eyelid – bags under the eyes
  4. Cheeks
  5. Naso-labial folds
  6. Marionette lines
  7. Jaw line




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