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Sell 2rupee Coin On Quikr For 5Lakhs

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Recently, we were browsing “moneycontrol.com,” and we came across this article there. “Got an old coin worth two rupees? It is possible to make Rs. 500,000 with internet work.” Absolutely, each and every one of us does! Right? After conducting some additional research, we discovered a few more pieces on the same subject that had been published on major websites and news channels such as news18, India.com, Zee news, and others. These articles will walk you through the process of selling 2 rupee coins on Quikr for 5 lakhs, step by step.

I m sure you have the same question as us. I have an ancient two rupee coin; if this is genuine, can I actually get 5 lakhs in exchange for it? We have made the decision to see if it is effective.

How can you sell a coin worth two rupees for five lakhs?

The instructions on the previously stated websites were followed, and the old coin buyer was listed on “Quikr” by clicking on a picture of it. We were taken aback when we received a response from someone who identified themselves as Hunter John, a coin collector from the United States of America. He asked for our Whatsapp number in order to move the business transaction ahead, and the rest of the conversation took place on Whatsapp.

When he asks about the price, we respond that each coin costs three lakhs since, well, we didn’t want to appear greedy, did we? And without hesitation, he consents to the terms: three lakhs for each old coins buyers, or six lakhs for the pair. The terms of this transaction shouted “scam” at every turn. However, we wanted to investigate this further to see where it could lead.

Mr then requests that we open an account on the website findjobsolutions.com, stating that he will send the entirety of the money to our account on that website, and that he will arrange for a local courier in our city to collect the coins.

We went ahead and established a net teller account, and he subsequently requested that we make a deposit of 5,200 Indian rupees so that he could raise the limit on the net teller account. In response to this, we inform them that we are unable to make a deposit into the Netteller account since we do not possess any funds. As soon as this communication was sent, he immediately ceased responding to us.

Concluding remarks:

We did some research on the internet, but we were unable to locate any reliable leads or answers to our questions about whether or not this whole thing is legit and whether or not anyone has ever received such a large money in return for a coin worth only two rupees. We were unable to locate any answers of this kind.

Should You Sell a Two Rupee Coin on Quikr for a Price of Five Lakhs?

It is entirely up to you to decide whether or not you want to sell! However, we strongly advise you to exercise extreme caution before engaging in any kind of business transaction with complete strangers via the internet. You run the risk of losing a significant amount of money. Therefore, I implore you to exercise caution and to avoid falling for such deceptive and harmful items on the internet.

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