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Specs Family Partnerships Ltd — The sprawling stores

Specs Family Partnerships Ltd is well-known for its large stores. It is the largest liquor seller in Greater Houston.
Specs Family Partnerships Ltd

Specs Family Partnerships Ltd 

Specs Family Partnerships Ltd is well-known for its large stores. It is the largest liquor seller in Greater Houston. According to the Houston Chronicle, Dale Robertson said that Spec’s is Houston’s largest wine retailer with a 800-pound inventory. Spec’s is currently the fifth-largest wine retailer in the United States.

specs is a Texas-based liquor store chain, owned by the family of Wine, Spirits & Finer Foods. Its headquarters are in Midtown, Houston.

Volume-wise, the wine industry isn’t in recession. Although deals may seem to be more common than they were in the past, there are still many opportunities. However, guests are now more shrewd and perhaps more politically savvy about what they’re buying.

Restaurant owners and retailers notice two trends that are not surprising: Good-value wines are on the rise. Old-favorite wines move. Even though they are moving in smaller quantities, precious grand crus as well as cult wines can also be moved. Mid-to-high-end wines, however, are starting to collect dust on the shelves

“Consumption hasn’t changed at all,” said Pat Kelley (deals director at Spec’s in Houston, a wine bar that sells 800 pound bottles. “But what our guests are spending for a bottle of wine is down.

People are buying two bottles when they could (preliminarily at least) have bought one. At our Tasting Tuesdays we get some resistance starting at around$ 20. It used to be at least $ 30–40. “

Rick Jamail, who oversees the vast force at Specs for Republic National, agrees.

Jamail stated that the aisles of the store are just as crowded. However, the person who used to buy those$ 100 bottles now wants a$ 50, while the person who spent $ 50 would like to spend$ 25. “

The smart swiller is a person who always seeks a good deal. However, this pursuit has become more violent as the frugality continues to wriggle and chat. However, significant price drops are not happening with an important frequency. Product costs are now locked in and maturation of vintners isn’t making the necessary profit.

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Plans to increase prices to combat the ongoing woes of the bone have been abandoned in large part.

Houston-based Spec’s Wine, Spirits & Finer Foods leased a forecourt at 9500 North Central Expressway, southeast corner Walnut Hill & North Central Expressway.

This is Spec’s first location in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Spec plans to open a shop in two additional Dallas- Fort Worth locations.

The company will also sell specialty foods, spirits, and wine in its shop.

The retailer was represented by Jeff Brand and Brand Capital mates in Dallas. Glen Lakes parcels LP was represented by Robert Wright of Strategic Retail Advisors.

This store, which preliminarily had Toys R Us, is the largest within Spec’s more than 90-store chain. It is primarily located in Houston, Austin and Corpus Christi.

Champagne Louis Roederer, a French house that makes Cristal, wouldn’t give her name but she stated that the demand has been increasing while the company’s production capacity has remained the same. Champagne stations are very limited in France.


Carroll. Spec Jackson and Carolynn Jackson invent the store.” Spec Jackson wanted to be independent and earn enough money to support Carolynn. His surname, “Spec’s”, refers to his eye-sight family partner Jackson. He spent$ to open his first store.

Spec’s first was a local liquor store that sold beer and liquor. The force consist of 96 people who were license to drink liquor. After many operations, Spec” Jackson decide that the chain should be expand. Spec’s now has 16 locations in Greater Houston, ten times more than the original proprietor.

The Jacksons fell apart in 1996, each one dying six months later. The power of the chain was taken by Lindy Rydman and John Rydman, her husband. Spec’s start to offer delicatessen details after a client suggested that they carry snacks. The chain employee 475 people and had 24 stores throughout Greater Houston in 2002.

2008 saw the acquisition of Triumphs Liquor Galveston by Spec’s, giving the chain its first Galveston location. Spec’s open its first store in Greater San Antonio in 2009, when it announce plans to open a store at Live Oak. The City of Killeen allow the sale of package liquor.


Spec’s announce the opening of Killeen’s store on August 5, 2011. The Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex was the chain’s opening store on August 5, 2011. Goody Goody Liquor is a Dallas-base family liquor store that responded to Spec’s request for entry into DFW by entering the Houston request.

Eight times in succession, the Houston Press awardSpec’s “Best Liquor Store Award”.

John Rydman is currently the company’s Chairman. Lindy Rydman and he also operate Spec’s. Vice chairman of marketing is Lisa Rydman.

The headquarters of the chain are locate in Midtown Houston, Houston near Town


Spec’s hosts a regular event call the Vintage Virtuoso regale, where wine tasting is offer. This benefits the Houston Symphony.


Spec’s currently has more than 165 stores. They are primarily locate in Greater Houston and Greater Austin. The largest Spec’s branch location is Fort Worth Bryant Irvin (m2), as of 2012. There are also locations in Beaumont/ Port Arthur, College Station and Killeen, Greater San Antonio as well as Victoria, El Paso and Lubbock.

Store# 00 Down

The flagship store is Spec’s Store# 00 Town. It houses the commercial headquarters.

The- forecourt- bottom( m2) main Houston store( Store# 00 Town) includes, in addition to services, square bases( m2) of retail area, a temperature-control wine storehouse area, and a training room. It covers more than three megacity blocks. It employs 200 people as of 2011.

The wine and liquor section is square in size ( m2) and contains over types of wine, spirits, and wine. There is a beer cooler with a bottom of 95 m (29 m), 35 doors and a cigar humidor that can be walk into. It has 900 varieties of cigars.

Square bases (740m2) are allot for the full-service delicatessen. The delicatessen offers caviar, crackers, various types of American and foreign crapolas, seasonings and smok fish.

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Sandwiches are available at the store. A bakery is also available in the store, which imports French chuck. Specialty food stock-keeping units ( SKU) were installed in the original Houston store. Nicole Potenza Denis, Specialty Food Magazine, stated that 11 of the deals were for Town, which the Rydman family refers to as the “mothership” store.

As part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of Rydman, the store was expand to its current size. Spec’s purchased two parcels of land along both the sides of the storehouse as well as pieces of land between the stores house. This allow them to add one block of land.

John Rydman state that it would be easier for Spec’s for Spec’s make a new store on another megacity block than to patch the existing store and storehouse. However, “we are lock on retaining our original storehouse and want to preserve the look and feel of presently.” John Rydman claime that the original wine storehouse installation was too inefficient.

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