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Spots to Visit in Jaisalmer – The Golden City of Rajasthan

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Found somewhere inside the superb Thar Desert and specked with staggering building wonders, the set of experiences and excellence of Jaisalmer never neglects to captivate vacationers. There are numerous attractions in and around the city for you to investigate, be it the loftiness of Jaisalmer Fort and Patwon ki Haveli, the quietness of the Jain Temples, or the energy of the shopping places and fascinating desert celebrations. Also, jeep visits and camel safaris in the desert make certain to raise your fervor!

Being a significant vacationer location, the Golden City, as it is prevalently alluded to, is very much associated with the remainder of the country. You can either travel to Jaisalmer Airport or arrive at Jodhpur Airport and take a taxi to Jaisalmer. The city likewise has a significant rail line station with great network. Taxicabs and auto-carts are well known methods of transport inside Jaisalmer, while private transport administrations are additionally accessible. You will likewise find various sorts of lodgings in Jaisalmer that take care of a wide range of vacationers – hikers, families, couples, worldwide voyagers, and so on.

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On the off chance that you are arranging an outing to the city, read on to be familiar with the top spots to visit in Jaisalmer.
Gadisar Lake, Jaisalmer

Situated on the edges of the city, the delightful Gadisar Lake is ideally suited for those looking for harmony and quietness. Its set of experiences traces all the way back to the fourteenth 100 years, when it was a significant wellspring of water for the whole city. Presently, Gadisar Lake is a famous vacation spot where you can go drifting and appreciate picturesque perspectives on the contiguous Jaisalmer Fort and the sanctuaries on its banks. Assuming that you are visiting during winters, watch out for transitory birds.

A brilliant bunch of five little havelis in one reason, Patwon ki Haveli is top on the rundown of spots to visit in Jaisalmer. Mind boggling carvings on the windows and galleries and stunning wall compositions and mirror-work emphasize the glory of the havelis. This immense house has vaporous patios and 60 overhangs, each flaunting unmistakable carvings that add to its appeal. You will likewise find an uncommon assortment of stonework and relics connected with the Patwa Family in the haveli’s historical center.

Situated on the brilliant sands of the Thar Desert and looking like a gigantic sandcastle, Jaisalmer Fort is the embodiment of Rajasthani design. This biggest residing stronghold in India houses around 5000 individuals and is likewise an UNESCO World Heritage Site. One can enter this yellow sandstone stronghold from various entryways – Ganesh Pol, Suraj Pol, Bhoot Pol and Hawa Pol, the remainder of which prompts a major patio called Dussehra Chowk. Laxminath Temple, Jain Temples, Cannon Point, the five-level etched Maharwal Palace and Fort Museum are a few unmistakable attractions inside the post.

A progression of seven interconnected sanctuaries in Jaisalmer Fort, Jain Temples are known for their extraordinary archeological worth. The point of convergence of these sanctuaries is the well known Dilwara style of engineering with multifaceted carvings of human and creature figures on the walls.

Jain Temples are likewise a critical journey spot serious areas of strength for with flows and a significant fascination among history buffs. Those keen on the historical backdrop of these sanctuaries should visit Gyan Bhandar Library here for old texts and intriguing compositions.

This deserted or phantom town is an interesting fascination, particularly for the individuals who like to investigate the remains of old strongholds and towns. It is accepted that Paliwal Brahmins, the locals of Kuldhara’s 85 towns, deserted the spot in the span of an evening and there have been no indications of human dwelling from that point forward. You can go for a stroll through the vestiges to see numerous sanctuaries, step-wells, and different designs that falsehood deserted.

One of the most real desert locales in the country, Sam Sand Dunes offer hypnotizing perspectives on dawn and dusk. You can likewise go on a desert safari or partake in a camel ride here. The numerous campgrounds in the core of the Thar Desert offer lavish convenience choices for guests.

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Best chance to visit –

October to March
Optimal term – 3-4 hours or two or three days in the desert camp
The most effective method to reach – The sand rises are 40 km away from Jaisalmer city. You can enlist a jeep or neighborhood SUV to arrive at the desert region and investigate the close by attractions. Neighborhood transports are likewise accessible at the transport stand, which is 350 m away from Jaisalmer Fort.
Additionally read about the well known Jaisalmer Desert Festival


The nursery has a stupendous setting with various dull brown chhatris, the vaults of which are square, round or pyramid-molded. You can go for a walk in the nursery and appreciate birdwatching or basically respect the wonderful environmental factors.


Best opportunity to visit –

October to February
Optimal term – 1-2 hours
You can take a private or government-worked taxi or recruit an auto-cart.
Tanot Mata Temple, Jaisalmer
This wonderful sanctuary situated close the 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pak War site – Longewala is a must-visit place in Jaisalmer. According to the Jawans posted close by, the sanctuary stayed safe even after weighty besieging and shelling by Pakistan. This safeguarded many officers and local people. There are a lot more accounts of help from above connected with the sanctuary.  A portion of the unexploded bombs dropped by Pakistan are displayed in the sanctuary gallery.

Like Sam Sand Dunes, however less populated, vacationers regular Khuri Sand Dunes looking for an extraordinary involvement with the desert. The delicate white desert sand and continually changing state of the hills is an amazing sight! Those intrigued can likewise investigate the town to get a brief look at the nearby life and culture.

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