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Step-by-step recruitment process to finding the ideal chef and cook

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Whether you own a restaurant or a small cafe, your chef is arguably the most crucial part of your enterprise. Even if you are hiring an ideal chef for a special occasion, you will nevertheless need to take care of your vetting process.

Hiring a ideal chef entails greater than simply locating someone who “can cook.”

As the crucial figure in the kitchen, the ideal chef will want to prepare meals, control staff, keep stock, and plenty more – all even as closing calm beneath intense strain. In this manual, we can take you through little by little everything you need to realize about hiring a chef. 

What Kind of Chef Do You Need

There are several types of chefs and cooks in most kitchens. Before you rent a chef, ensure you’re familiar with the proper function for which to hire. Also you can check out this page for top chef recruitment.

Executive Chef

An executive chef, additionally known as a chef de cuisine, is the huge boss of the kitchen. You will usually hire a government chef for a big restaurant or a series of restaurants.

An executive chef will have formal culinary training. Instead of spending much time inside the kitchen, an executive chef is a manager position. An executive chef will oversee the general best within the kitchens to ensure all is up to par.

Sous Chef

The sous chef will be senior to anyone inside the kitchen except an executive chef. With more of a presence within the kitchen, a sous chef will probably function as the arms-on supervisor of the kitchen group from the everyday.

The sous chef will ensure the first-rate of the meals and plating along with cooking. The sous chef will even manipulate the kitchen body of workers. This includes making schedules, retaining stock, hiring new personnel, and fixing appliances. The sous chef is debatably the most important job inside the kitchen.

Line Cook

The line preparing dinner is a quintessential part of a fast-paced kitchen. A line preparing dinner works along the rest of the kitchen expediting processes.

Line cook’s dinner responsibilities will range, relying on the kitchen. A line cook might also cut vegetables for hours at some point of dinner service at the same time as every other line cook. Dinner spends the entirety of the night carefully plating dishes.

Line chefs are a crucial thing of a quick-paced, excessive volume kitchen.

Pastry Chef

A pastry chef is liable for the great part of dinner: dessert.

Depending on the menu at a positive eating place, the pastry chef may be one of the large bosses in the kitchen. Requiring widespread technical culinary training, a pastry chef is one of the toughest kitchen jobs to fill.  

Responsibilities of an Ideal Chef

The duties of extraordinary chefs can range. However, the typical responsibilities continue to be equal.

The three fundamental obligations of a typical chef are food instruction, group of workers control, and inventory upkeep.

Food Preparation

  • Preparing and cooking all food to set standards
  • Stocking and maintaining food on the line at all times
  • Food instruction and portioning previous to carrier
  • Keeping a sanitary meals line at all times
  • Plating meals promptly and setting requirements

Staff Management

  • Manage kitchen group of workers of # human beings
  • Hiring and staffing kitchen on a nightly basis even as retaining hard work costs affordable
  • Effective conversation abilities with kitchen workforce
  • Oversee menu improvement and implementation with kitchen body of workers
  • Ensure all Work is finished inside unique timelines
  • Direct and oversee kitchen personnel before, at some stage in and after dinner carrier
  • Ensure that all food is being sent to the eating room exceeding set requirements
  • Maintain health departments standards always

Inventory & Maintenance

  • Estimation of weekly buying desires for meals and different kitchen substances
  • Special ordering for any catering or activities
  • Receiving and stocking food provisions and different deliveries
  • Maintain all surfaces and appliances so that they meet health branch requirements
  • Lead repair and maintenance for any kitchen home equipment

Traits of a Great Chef

We have all seen a clip from Kitchen Nightmares wherein Gordon Ramsay is flying off the chain, assaulting anyone in his wake with f-bombs. While that is the television gold, this isn’t a notable chef.

A chef will, indeed, want to be stern and communicative. However, nobody wants to come into Work to be relentlessly berated. A notable chef will command appreciation from a group of workers, now not fear.

Instead of hiring the tv-friendly hothead, you’ll need to rent a chef with an excellent temperament. Things cross incorrect in kitchens pretty regularly. A chef who can react sensibly and fast enact a solution will preserve a kitchen running more smoothly than a dictator.


Another trait of a great chef is attention to detail. This includes the capacity to recognize high-quality, both in staff and in meals continuously. A chef with first-rate attention to elements will not most effectively produce delicious sparkling food; they will also possibly keep running fees down.

A chef with exceptional interest in detail will observe the freshness of incoming produce, the great food plating, the efficiency of a sure staff member, and every other range of small information that make a kitchen first-rate.

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