People normally think of coffee pods when they think of single-serve pod machines, but there are lots of tea pods options that are just as easy and quick to create using pods.

There are many different flavours to pick from, so whether you prefer English Breakfast, Earl Gray, or Rooibos, you will always have something to drink. In fact, many of the major name brands have a variety of flavours – more than you’d find in their typical tea bag or loose leaf collection, with flavours like PG Tips Raspberry and Apple or Caramel and Vanilla.

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, check out some of the gourmet tea collections, like Two Rivers Coffee’s Infusion Bundle of Keurig compatible teas. Classics like a green infusion made from 100 percent rolled green tea leaves, a black infusion made from 100 percent rolled black tea leaves, and a herbal mint infusion that combines peppermint, calming chamomile, and aromatic fennel, as well as a fruit plum infusion with black chokeberry, hibiscus blossom, apple, licorice root, plum, and cinnamon flavouring for those who prefer something without the caffeine injection.

Two Rivers Coffee’s tea pods are one of our favourites, featuring classics like Earl Grey, pure green tea, and herbal varieties like chamomile tea and Marrakesh mint. What we like best about these teas is that each pod may be used three times for three cups of tea and still taste fantastic.

We would strongly advise cleaning off the machine before making tea, especially if you are sharing the unit with coffee lovers. Nothing is more annoying than having a lovely cup of delicate, refreshing tea spoilt by coffee scum.

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The arrival of the reusable pod is something we are really thrilled about, and it provides you peace of mind while using pods, because we have all heard about how an aluminium pod takes 150 to 200 years to disintegrate. You use it in the machine after filling it with one of your favourite loose leaf teas. There is no waste and no remorse.