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The Best Smartwatches for Pairing with Android Devices

For Apple iOS users, there is a clear winner when it comes to smart watches, but for us on Android, the choice is not so easy. So when you buy upgrades to your regular wristwatches, keep in mind that the best smart watches for Android not only look great, but also give you the feature you want – whether it’s fitness monitoring, being a smart assistant, or being able to do or receive calls without using the phone.

Android users usually have a choice between two smartwatch operating systems: Wear OS and Tizen OS. Wear OS is made by Google and really shines in terms of voice assistant options, application selection and many different aesthetic styles. Tizen, on the other hand, is good at speed, navigation, connectivity and health monitoring. In short, if you want a versatile fixed watch that looks great, choose Wear OS, but if smooth running is more important to you – especially when it comes to fitness and fitness applications – then go to Tizen. And if you choose a brand that has its own operating system, take a good look at the reviews and specifications before you buy to get the full picture.

If you are already running out of your operating system, things can be much easier to best smartwatches 2022. Do you like the power of writing messages on your wrist? Do you want a built-in voice assistant? Do you want a square dial as a circle? And what is your favorite color? With all the likes in mind, this is the six best smart watches for Android users – and they’re all on Amazon.


The Samsung Galaxy Active2 has built-in GPS and advanced sensors that monitor your movement, stress levels, breathing, heart rate and sleep quality, so it’s a great choice if you’re on a healthy journey. . As such, it’s also sleek and lightweight, with a long-lasting battery and voice-activated Bixby assistant that can read your lyrics aloud, help you dial or queue your favorite playlist. Amazon researchers call them the “best smart watches” for Android users – especially if you have a Samsung phone – because they are stylish, environmentally friendly and reliable. It’s available in two sizes of dials, and if you’re willing to spend about $ 100 extra, you can get the LTE version, which means you can leave your phone at home. One note: Reporters report that there is no water resistance, so remember that.

Operating system: dozens
Available colors and styles: 4
One reviewer wrote: “[…] the watches are so bright and beautifully made and very good. The screen is so clear and the sound for conversations and music is better than expected … […] I’ll tell you now, if you like fitness, don’t hesitate to buy it.


If you want to immerse yourself in the world of smart watches without ruining yourself, YAMAY smart watches may be the best choice for you. For an amazingly cheap price, you can use your steps, heart rate, sleep quality, etc., as well as 14 pre-programmed exercise modes to control your workouts. It is also IP68 waterproof for use in the shower or pool, and although you can’t write text messages or face-to-face conversations, you will receive notifications when SMS, calls or emails arrive, and you will still have notifications. if you are temporarily off your phone.

Operating system: proprietary but compatible with iOS 8.0 / Android 4.4 or higher and Bluetooth 4.0 or later
Available colors and styles: 6

One reviewer wrote: “I used to think about buying a smart watch, but most of them are too expensive for the small gadget they offer. They are comfortable and have all the basic features you need without saving fluff. […] Overall, I am very satisfied with my watch. ”

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